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Users of DATAQ Instruments’ hardware and software address the entire spectrum of instrumentation: doctors engaged in life sciences research; engineers from all disciplines; and technicians involved with maintenance and troubleshooting. Throughout this array of users, from the most sterile lab to the grimiest steel mill floor, DATAQ equipment can be found. DATAQ specialize in replacing chart and X-Y recorders, digital storage oscilloscopes, and other data acquisition systems.

They are first choice for a variety of reasons but the dominant ones are ease-of-use, no-programming environment, and performance.

The fact that no programming is required combined with ease-of-use allows DATAQ customers to set up, record, playback, and analyze waveform data within minutes. But that is not to say customers are adverse to programming. Many are programmers who need to make a measurement as simply and efficiently as possible. They have found that DATAQ hardware and especially their software are capable of real time storage and graphical performance unlike any product they’ve ever seen on a personal computer.