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DI-2108-P Programmable High-Speed USB DAQ System

Programmable High-Speed USB DAQ System, DI-2108-P from DATAQ Instruments.
Expandable to 128 chs, Stand-alone. Programmable ranges of ±2.5, ±5, ±10, 0-5, 0-10 V.


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The DI-2108-P Programmable High-Speed USB DAQ System from DATAQ Instruments.

Possible alternative product to the discontinued DI-155 model.

A basic High-Speed USB DAQ System is also available.

Product Features

  • 8 Analogue Input Channels
    Up to 8 Channels. Programmable ranges per channel are ±2.5, ±5, ±10, 0-5, 0-5 Volts.
  • Differential Analogue Input Configuration
    Enhanced noise immunity.
  • Synchronize Multiple Units
    Expand time-aligned channel count by adding more units. (Unlock code required per device)
  • Armoured Inputs Absorb Mistakes
    Analogue inputs are protected to ±150 V and digital inputs up to 25 V.
  • Fast, 160 kHz Sample Throughput Rate
  • 16-bit ADC Resolution
    Supports measurement sensitivity of up to 100 µV on its most sensitive, and 400 µV on its least sensitive range.
  • Stand-alone Data Logger Operation
    Store data to flash drives at throughput rates up to 160kHz.  (Unlock Code required to record all channels to USB thumb drive)
  • Pre/Post Tigger Storage to USB Memory
    Set trigger levels to record up to 2G (combined) of pre- and post trigger data (total file size of 4G).
  • Seven Digital Ports
    Folds discrete I/O into the measurements process. Each bit is programmable as an input or as a switch.
  • Rate Measurement Channel
    Measures pulse rate as may be acquired from a pickup for rpm measurement, or sensor to measure flow.
  • Counter Channel
    Tallies the number of pulses applied. Useful for integrating rate information, like flow rate to volume, or simply the number of definable events.
  • Software Support
    Supplied with ready-to-run WinDaq software, which records up to four channels at any sampling rate (purchase WinDaq/Unlock to record all channels, or to synchronize multiple units). Also provided with documented command protocol for OS-independent use.


Supplied with: a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, and a 32GB USB flash drive containing an NIST-traceable Calibration Certificate and WinDaq software.

Analogue Inputs
Number of Channels: 8 (Unlock code required to record more than 4 channels with WinDaq)
Configuration: Differential
Full Scale Range: Programmable ±2.5, ±5, ±10, 0-5, 0-10 Volts
Input impedance: 800 kΩ differential
DC accuracy: ±0.05% of range, 25°C, excluding common mode error
Absolute maximum input without damage: ±150 V dc or peak ac(normal mode + common mode)
Common mode range: ±228 V dc or peak ac
Common mode rejection ratio: 90 dB (dc to 60Hz 0Ω unbalance)
Channel-to-channel crosstalk rejection: 110 dB typical
Digital Inputs
Number of ports: 7
Type: MOSFET switch
Configuration: Programmable as digital input or switch
Pull-up value: 4.7 kΩ
Input high voltage threshold: 2.4V
Input low voltage threshold: 0.8V
Absolute maximum applied voltage (V): 0 ≤ V ≤ 25 V
Reserved Digital Inputs
Port 1: WinDaq remote events
Port 2: WinDaq remote start/stop
Port 3: Rate input
Port 4: Count input
Digital Ports Programmed as Switch
Maximum drain voltage: 25 V
Maximum sink current: 100 mA
Count/Rate Inputs
Digital port assignment: Count: Port 2 configured as input
Rate: Port 3 configured as input
Internal pull-up value: 4.7 kΩ
Input high voltage threshold: 2.4V
Input low voltage threshold: 0.8V
Terminal count: 65,535
Maximum rate frequency: 50 kHz (20 kHz with a single enabled channel and 160 kHz sampling rate)
Minimum rate frequency: 0.5 Hz
Maximum count frequency: 50 kHz
Digital Ports Programmed as Switch
Maximum drain voltage: 25 V
Maximum sink current: 100 mA
Power Consumption: <1.0 Watt, via USB interface
ADC Characteristics
Resolution: 16-bit
Resolution applied to measurements: >15.6-bit
Maximum sample throughput: 160 kHz throughput
Minimum sample throughput: Hardware: 1.831 kHz
with WinDaq software: 0.305 Hz
Sample rate timing accuracy: 50 ppm (typical over 24 hours)
ChannelStretch Synchronized Performance
Number of synced units: (PC-dependent) 16 units max; Throughput ≥ 480 kHz
Channel skew between any 2 units: 10 μS, typical
Setup constraints: Syncs only with other model DI-2108-P instruments.
Same number of enabled channels per synced unit (type does not matter)
Same sample throughput rate per synced unit.
All units connected to the same USB controller using one or more hubs.
Removable Memory
Type: MLC, pSLC, or SLC flash memory (with USB SD card reader); USB thumb drive
Required Format: FAT32
Indicators and Connections
Interface: USB 2.0 (mini-B style connector)
Indicator light: Multi-colour LED
Input Connections: Two 16-position terminal strips
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 °C
Storage Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Physical Characteristics
Enclosure: Polycarbonate ABS, 0.080 inch thickness
Mounting: Desktop; bulkhead
Dimensions: 83.31D × 169.67W × 28.7H mm.
Weight: 162 grams
DI-2108-P Specifications DI-2108-P Specifications

DI-2108-P User Manual DI-2108-P User Manual

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