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DI-1100 4-Ch USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit

  • 4 differential analogue inputs
  • 12-bit measurement resolution
  • ±10 V fixed measurement range
  • up to 40 kHz sampling per channel

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DATAQ DI-1100 4-Ch USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit

The DATAQ DI-1100 4-Ch USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit is a portable data recording module that communicates through your computer’s USB port. Power is derived from the interface port so no external power is required. 

Product Features

  • 4 fixed differential analogue inputs protected to ±100V (transient).
  • Two dedicated digital I/O ports for Remote control protected to ±30V.
  • ±10V full scale measurement range.
  • 12-bit analogue-to-digital resolution.
  • 20kHz to 40kHz max sample rate per channel (dependent on number of channels enabled).
  • A push-button to tag remote events in WINDAQ software.
  • Three status LEDs for easy notification of system status.
  • Free WinDaq recording and playback software allowing you to record at the full speed of the instrument.
  • Included .Net Class supports programming the DI-1100 under any .Net programming language.
  • Fully documented instrument protocol for programming the device in operating systems other than Windows.
Analogue Inputs

The DI-1100 features four differential channel inputs located on a single sixteen-position screw terminal block for easy connection and operation (other terminals used for digital I/O or reserved).

Note: The DI-1100 does not support Gain.

Utilize the functionality of WINDAQ software to experience all the features encased in these small, inexpensive instruments.

Digital Inputs

The DI-1100 also contains two digital lines (bits) for WINDAQ remote control operations (Remote Start/Stop and Remote Events). Connect switch closures or discrete levels with a maximum input of 30V and a TTL level threshold. The inputs float at 1 level, about 3.3V relative to the “-” terminal, and require sinking about 50uA to bring them down to 0.8V and guarantee a 0.

When no Options Remote are enabled in WINDAQ, the Event input appears inverted in data bit 0 and the Record input appears inverted in data bit 1 of data for the first enabled channel.


All software required to record and playback waveforms is included with the purchase of any DI-1100 data acquisition starter kit via download.


Analogue Inputs
Number of Channels: 4
Configuration: Differential
Full Scale Range: ±10 V full scale fixed
Input impedance: 1MΩ
Isolation: none
Absolute accuracy: @ 25°C, excluding common mode error ±12.5 mV @ 25°C
Absolute maximum input without damage: ±75 V peak, continuous ±100 V peak, one minute or less
System noise: 7.8 mV rms
Maximum common mode voltage: ± 10 V
Common mode rejection ratio: 40 dB (dc - 60 Hz)
Channel-to-channel crosstalk rejection: -80 dB
Digital Inputs
Number of ports: 2 (reserved)
Type: MOSFET switch
Threshold levels: TTL-compatible
Absolute maximum applied voltage (V): ±30 V dc
Reserved Digital Inputs
Port 1: WinDaq remote events
Port 2: WinDaq remote start/stop
Power Consumption: <1.0 Watt, via USB interface
ADC Characteristics
Resolution: 12-bit
Above zero ADC counts: 2,047
Below zero ADC counts: 2,048
Maximum sample rate per channel: 40 kHz, 1 enabled channel
30 kHz, 2 enabled channels
24 kHz, 3 enabled channels
20 kHz, 4 enabled channels
Minimum sample throughput: 915.5 Hz (0.0006104 Hz with WinDaq software)
Sample rate timing accuracy: 50 ppm
Indicators and Connections
Interface: USB 2.0 (mini-B style connector)
Indicator lights: 3 LEDs, (2) Green, (1) RGB
Input Connections: One 16-position terminal strip
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 °C
Storage Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Physical Characteristics
Enclosure: Hardened Plastic
Mounting: Desktop; bulkhead
Dimensions: 6.67D × 13.97W × 3.89H cm. 
Weight: 3.6 oz.
DI-1100 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit Brochure and Specifications DI-1100 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit Brochure and Specifications

DI-1100 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit User Manual DI-1100 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit User Manual

Dataq Instruments Data Acquisition Communication Protocol Dataq Instruments Data Acquisition Communication Protocol

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