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DI-2108 High-Speed USB DAQ System

High-Speed USB DAQ System, DI-2108 from DATAQ Instruments.
Up to 8-Channel High Speed USB Data Acquisition System with Stand-alone Capability.


£195.00£275.00 ex VAT


The DI-2108 High-Speed USB DAQ System from DATAQ Instruments.

Possible alternative to the following discontinued products: DI-149, DI-158U, DI-148U, DI-148U-SP, DI-154RS, DI-400 Series and DI-700 Series.

A Programmable High-Speed USB DAQ System is also available

Product Features

  • 4 or 8 Analogue Input Channels
    With a fixed ±10 V full scale range.
  • Differential Analogue Input Configuration
    Enhanced noise immunity.
  • Anti-alias Filter per Analogue Channel
    Reduces the risk of acquiring meaningless, aliased data. Corner frequency automatically selected at one-tenth of the sampling rate.
  • Armoured Inputs Absorb Mistakes
    Analogue inputs are protected to ±50 V and digital inputs up to 25 V.
  • Fast, 220 kHz Sample Throughput Rate
  • Stand-alone Data Logger Operation
    Store data to flash drives at throughput rates up to 160kHz. (Unlock Code required to record all channels to USB thumb drive.)
  • 12- to 16-bit ADC Resolution
  • Seven Digital Ports
    Folds discrete I/O into the measurements process. Each bit is programmable as an input or as a switch.
  • Rate Measurement Channel
  • Counter Channel
  • Pre/Post Tigger Storage to USB Memory
    Set trigger levels to record up to 2G (combined) of pre- and post-trigger data (total file size of 4G).
  • Software Support
    Provided with ready-to-run WinDaq software – records up to four channels. (Unlock Code required to record all 8 channels using WinDaq.) Also supplied with documented command protocol for OS-independent use.


Supplied with: a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, an NIST-traceable Calibration Certificate, and a 32GB USB flash drive with WinDaq software.



Analogue Inputs
Number of Channels: 8 (Unlock code required to record more than 4 channels with WinDaq)
Configuration: Differential
Full Scale Range: ±10 V full scale fixed
Input impedance: 110 kΩ
DC accuracy: ±5 mV at 16-bit resolution 25°C, excluding common mode error
Absolute maximum input without damage: ±50 V dc or peak ac (normal mode + common mode)
Common mode range: ±10 V dc or peak ac
Common mode rejection ratio: 80 dB (dc - 60 Hz)
Channel-to-channel crosstalk rejection: -80 dB
Digital Inputs
Number of ports: 7
Type: MOSFET switch
Configuration: Programmable as digital input or switch
Pull-up value: 4.7 kΩ
Input high voltage threshold: 2.4V
Input low voltage threshold: 0.8V
Absolute maximum applied voltage (V): 0 ≤ V ≤ 25 V
Reserved Digital Inputs
Port 1: WinDaq remote events
Port 2: WinDaq remote start/stop
Port 3: Rate input
Port 4: Count input
Digital Ports Programmed as Switch
Maximum drain voltage: 25 V
Maximum sink current: 100 mA
Count/Rate Inputs
Digital port assignment: Count: Port 2 configured as input
Rate: Port 3 configured as input
Internal pull-up value: 4.7 kΩ
Input high voltage threshold: 2.4V
Input low voltage threshold: 0.8V
Terminal count: 65,535
Maximum rate frequency: 50 KHz with one enabled channel, 20 KHz with 2-4 enabled analogue channels, otherwise 10 KHz.
Minimum rate frequency: 0.5 Hz
Maximum count frequency: 50 kHz
Power Consumption: <1.0 Watt, via USB interface
ADC Characteristics
Resolution: 12 to 16-bit
Above zero ADC counts: 2,047 to 32,767
Below zero ADC counts: 2,048 to 32,768
Maximum sample throughput rate: 220,000 S/s (160,000 S/s throughput for analogue channels, plus 20 kHz per enabled digital channel)
Minimum sample throughput: Hardware only: 20 S/s
WinDaq software: 2.2 samples per hour
Sample rate timing accuracy: 50 ppm
Removable Memory
Type: MLC, pSLC, or SLC flash memory (with USB SD card reader); USB thumb drive
Required Format: FAT32
Indicators and Connections
Interface: USB 2.0 (mini-B style connector)
Status LED: Multi-colour LED
Input Connections: Two 16-position terminal strips
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 °C
Storage Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Physical Characteristics
Enclosure: Polycarbonate ABS, 0.080 inch thickness
Mounting: Desktop; bulkhead
Dimensions: 83.31D × 169.67W × 28.7H mm.
Weight: 162 g
DI-2108 Specifications DI-2108 Specifications

DI-2108 User Manual DI-2108 User Manual

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