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WinDaq/XL WinDaq-to-Excel Real Time Link

A program that bridges WinDaq software with Excel.


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WinDaq/XL WinDaq-to-Excel Real Time Link.

Real-time data logging directly to Microsoft Excel (supports MS Office 2003 or higher).
No programming required.
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WinDaq/XL is a program that bridges WinDaq software with Excel. The WinDaq/XL software will allow you to use your Excel program to analyse WinDaq data in real time. This is achieved by taking WinDaq waveform data and moving it directly to a user-selected range of cells in Excel.

Product Features

  • Real time data logging directly to Microsoft Excel
  • Compatible with MS Office 2003 or higher – Excel MUST be installed as 32-bit version
  • Computer Time Stamp field
  • Trigger Options
  • “Run WinDaq Minimized” function
  • True Multitasking Operation
  • No programming
  • Single-Shot or Looping Real-Time Modes
  • Trigger Mode Support for High-Speed Snapshots
  • Instant Export from the Playback Software.


Note: WinDaq/XL is an add-in program to WinDaq Software. It requires WinDaq Acquisition to be running in order to stream data to Excel (unless importing data through the WinDaq PLayback Software).
To stream data in multiple instances (devices): Run WinDaq with the first device then start WinDaq/XL; Run WinDaq with the second device then start WinDaq/XL; etc.

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