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Delphin Data Center – Decentralised Monitoring

The Delphin Data Center functions as a “data hub” where all measured data from around the world is collected and analysed before it is finally made available to the end customer, including any recommendations for action. User selective access rights always ensure that customers access only the data for their systems. Data integrity is also always guaranteed through SSL-encrypted transmission. The Delphin Data Center has many applications.

Decentralised Monitoring

Decentralised Monitoring

In this scenario, a municipal wastewater company operates 18 pumping stations that are used to regulate water levels across the entire system.


The water levels at the pumping stations needed to be centrally monitored. Condition monitoring for the pumps was also required. Access to all measurement data and control of the pumps needed to be possible from the central control room as well as from mobile devices. Data transmission was to be encrypted via LTE.


Delphin Technology’s Loggito Logger hardware has been installed at each pumping station to monitor water levels and the condition of the pumps. Data undergoes temporary fail-safe storage within the device. Data transmission is SSL-encrypted via LTE to a central Delphin Data Center. The data is synchronized and stored redundantly and made available for instant visualisation both in the control room and on tablets or smartphones, and regardless of location.
ProfiSignal 20 is used as platform-independent measurement technology software.

Customer benefits:

“The Delphin Data Center saves time and money. Measuring points at different locations can be analysed in combination rather than separately. Service technicians no longer have to travel to separate installations but can access the measurement data regardless of location.”