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Vibration Measurement and Analysis with the Expert Vibro

Delphin Expert Vibro for Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

Delphin Technology’s Expert Vibro series offers state-of-the-art vibration measuring devices, designed for precision data acquisition and analysis across diverse applications. Powered by a robust dual-core ARM-based FPGA processor, the Expert Vibro series provides substantial computing power. This enables the devices to record and evaluate up to 16 measurement channels simultaneously, with sampling rates of up to 50 kHz per channel. The 24-bit A/D converters ensure exceptional precision whilst galvanic isolation of the channels prevents cross-influences. Users have the flexibility to switch between voltage measurement, IEPE, and shaft vibration sensors.

Triggers and Alarms

The integrated comparators and digital inputs enable flexible triggering. If limit values ​​are violated, alarms can be triggered within milliseconds using the eight digital outputs. Four additional analogue outputs are available for monitoring purposes. Using software channels, limit value violations can be systematically summarized into collective alarms. Alarms can also be forwarded via fieldbus if needed.

Connection Options

The Expert Vibro provides a wide range of connection options. These include Profibus DPV1/Slave, CAN 2.0/Modbus RTU Master & Slave interfaces. Also TCP/IP communication variants such as Modbus TCP Server & Client, OPC UA Server & Client, SMTP, NTP, and PTP for fieldbus connection. An optional OPC UA HA server interface can also be integrated. The measured values can also be transmitted via LAN to the intranet or Internet, allowing access from any network PC. Additionally, the device can be equipped with WLAN (802.11b/g/n; GRPS), and synchronization of multiple Expert Vibro devices allows for vibration measurements with a higher number of channels.

Online Analysis

All signal analysis tasks, including individually parameterizable filters, integrators, and differentiators, as well as FFT calculation, are configured and carried out online. Additionally, the calculated spectra, along with time signals and a wide selection of derived phase, frequency, and amplitude characteristics, are stored together in a 12 GB data storage, providing ample space for around 860 million measured values. Access is possible via USB, NFS, CIFS, and (S)FTP. Versatile software channels allow for more in-depth analyses. Furthermore, the device can operate independently for various monitoring tasks, displaying all important configuration data and measured values on the touch display.


The Expert Vibro is suitable for various application scenarios. These include:

  • shaft vibration monitoring and analysis,
  • machine and housing vibration monitoring,
  • combustion chamber vibration monitoring,
  • gear vibration analysis,
  • rolling bearing monitoring,
  • bearing damage diagnosis,
  • air gap measurement.


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