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SONY Data Recovery and Data Extraction Service Available

Do you have data archives on AIT or DDS media that requires backing up or extracting, or worse still corrupted media that will not load? 

If so, we are able to help. We can extract data recorded from SONY SIR-1000 and SIR-3000 on AIT tapes, as well as data from SONY PC200 Series (PC204, PC208, PC216) archived on DDS tapes.

SONY SDX1-25C AIT TapeUsing a purpose built stand-alone system with built in AIT1 drives and Sony Precision’s software, we are able to extract all valid data from your tapes and transfer this data onto USB / SDHC drives for small quantities or hard disk for larger archives. Data format is typically in Sony’s standard binary format for analogue data. Which can be read using Data analysis packages such as Flexpro.

In the worse case of the tape being corrupted, normally by the EOD (End of data) marker not being written correctly by the SIR-1000, it may be possible to recover data using special Sony software to detect and manually write the EOD, therefore enabling data extraction prior to this point.

Alternatively, if you have older media such as reel to reel tapes, VHS, etc. and have a functional playback system. We can transcribe the data from your old format to something newer, such as the TEAC WX-7000, by playing back your old data, whilst recording the output signals on the new system.

Please contact us for a quotation if this service is of interest to you.