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New Additions to our Data Acquisition Range from Sefram and B&K Precision

Sefram and B&K Precision offer a full range of data acquisition recorders & loggers for measuring parameters such as voltage, temperature, current, resistance, frequency, and pulse. These include products with high-speed recording, high-capacity memory, and systems with a long battery life for portability. Measurements can be stored internally, viewed on the unit in real time or on a remote computer. The included DasLab software allows users to remotely control and configure the recorder, transfer measurements and configuration files or view live data on the computer.

Sefram and B&K Precision Data Acquisition Range

A brief summary of the Data Acquisition Range from Sefram and B&K Precision:

The DAS1700 and 8460 data acquisition systems feature 4 measurement board types which include universal input multiplex, strain gauge, and high voltage. Optional CAN and LIN inputs further extend the ability of this instrument.

The DAS30/50/60 portable recorders are suited for motor monitoring, manufacturing, and industrial applications. Pt100/Pt1000 inputs and thermal printer options are available.

The DAS220 and DAS240 portable recorders feature 15 hours of battery life. These instruments are particularly well suited for process control applications and environmental sensor monitoring.

DAS1700 & 8460
DAS220 & DAS240

+ 1000 V max input

+500 V max input

+25 V max input

1 μs sampling rate

1 μs sampling rate

1 ms sampling interval

Up to 72 channels

Up to 6 channels

Up to 200 channels

500 GB internal solid-state memory

64 GB internal solid-state memory

32 GB internal solid-state memory


For more information, please visit the product pages, or view the Sefram and B&K Precision Data Acquisition Range Brochure