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Delphin Data Center (DDC)

Centralised recording, analysis and storage of decentrally acquired data from any data source.

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The Delphin Data Center is a centralised measurement data management system that networks, centrally stores, monitors and analyses the measurement data of your systems, machines and test stands.

It can archive your measurement data in a valid and traceable way and be able to access it within seconds, whether on a network, via PC or mobile via smartphone or tablet.

centralised measurement data management system

Analysis and Monitoring

Location and platform-independent access to any measurement data collected anywhere around the world for portrayal via measurement technology and SCADA software. Alarms can be text messaged and emailed.

Connectivity and Export

The Delphin Data Center enables data from any source to be synchronised, linked and analysed. A wide range of interfaces, such as Python and Modbus, are supported for both data acquisition and visualisation. 

Data Acquisition

Centralised recording, analysis and storage of decentrally acquired data from any data source: automation and measurement equipment, protocols and sensors.

Control and Regulation

Automation, regulation and control of measurement and control processes. Directly via the Delphin Data Center or via Delphin’s ICA devices.


Product Features

  • Centralised data acquisition from distributed sources
  • Interface versatility for both data acquisition and visualisation
  • Loss-free data compression
  • Long-term archiving
  • Special data pre-processing via software channels
  • High-performance data archiving with instant access
  • Smooth transition from online to historical data
  • Continuous and batch-based archiving, evaluation and report generation
  • Automated export of measurement data and characteristic values
  • Centralised alarm management with multiple messaging options
  • Audit trail for FDA-compliant data acquisition
  • Platform-independent access via individually configurable dashboards using ProfiSignal 20
  • Processing of up to 100 million data records per second
  • Easy to use, setup with no programming required
  • Installation on both Windows and Linux systems
  • 64-bit software capability for maximum performance
  • Secure data transmission due to SSL encryption
  • Access via any number of clients (license packages)
  • New business models possible via selective user access rights
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