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The Complete Range of Modules Now Available for the A&D RA3100 Portable DAQ System

The RA3100 Multi-channel, Portable Thermal Chart Recorder is a direct replacement for the popular RA2300, RA2300A and RA2300MKII. A&D have now released all module options for the RA3100 Data Acquisition System.

RA3100 Modules Range

Up to 9 modules can be installed int the main unit. Various modules are available including high-speed voltage, high-accuracy voltage, logic input, temperature measurement, etc.

A brief comparison of the modules is detailed below:

Sampling Rate
2ch Voltage 1MS/s Voltage ±500V Measure high-speed voltage measurement with anti-aliasing filters
4ch Voltage 1MS/s Voltage ±200V Multi-channel voltage measurement
2ch High-speed Voltage 20MS/s Voltage ±500V High-speed voltage measurement
2ch High Voltage 1MS/s Voltage ±1,000V Module to measure high voltages of ±1,000V
16ch Logic 1MS/s Contact, Voltage Contact, Voltage signal measurement
2ch Temperature 1.5ms Thermocouple : K, E, J, T, N, R, S, B, C
RTD: Pt100, Pt1000
Measurement of temperature with a thermocouple and RTD
2ch AC Strain 100kS/s Strain gauge, Strain gauge transducer Measures stress, load, displacement, pressure, torque, and acceleration
2ch Acceleration 1MS/s Piezoelectric acceleration transducer
(charge output, built-in amplifier)
Measures acceleration, speed and displacement
2ch Frequency 1MS/s Voltage ±500V Input module capable of measuring period, rotation speed, number of pulses, etc., of input signals


For detailed information, please see the product pages for the modules from the links below:

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