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Introducing the Advanced Trigger ExcelLink Add-on for WinDaq

DATAQ Instruments’  Advanced Trigger ExcelLink (ExcelLink) offers a variety of triggering options that enable you to stream data from WinDaq data acquisition software into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet at a speed of up to 160,000 samples per second. This feature is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit versions of Excel. You can initiate data streaming manually with the click of a button, when input signals rise above or fall below a specific level, or when signals drift inside or outside of a predetermined range. Additionally, you can use the Derivative trigger method to stream data into Excel based on the rate of change, such as when a glitch occurs.

For more information see the below videos and the WinDaq/XL Product Page.

ExcelLink Trigger Options:

– Window Trigger: captures data inside or outside a range

– Slope Trigger: captures data when signals exceed a particular level

– Event Trigger: captures a single row when an event happens

– Derivative Trigger: triggers on the rate of change, such as a glitch

– Paced Trigger: captures a single row at a predefined pace

– Delayed Trigger: captures data after a predefined delay from the trigger point

– Manual Trigger: captures data based on manual operation