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The new Delphin Data Center

The new DDC data hub from Delphin Technology.

Delphin Data Center acts as a “data hub” and connects plants, machinery and test stands worldwide. The age, location and interfaces of data sources have become irrelevant. The Delphin Data Center performs every task related to centralised measurement data management. From distributed and source-independent data acquisition, loss-free compression, pre-processing and storage, through to instant worldwide access to current and historical measurement data.

State-of-the-art 64-bit architecture and high-performance data storage in a binary measurement database enable the Delphin Data Center to process up to 100 million measurement values per second. This provides high performance even in the most complex measurement tasks.


Connectivity at field and sensor levels, as well as at any business level, is easy. The Delphin Data Center provides both SQL and OPC UA client interfaces. It greatly simplifies communications with ERP and MES systems as well as with the cloud. The Delphin Data Center also has numerous other interfaces such as OPC DA, Modbus TCP, ASCII DLL and API. The new Python interface enables measurement data to be controlled and read out using the popular programming language.
The Delphin Data Center is available not only for Windows but also for Linux systems enabling any set-up to be realised, e.g. with a NAS drive as a central server.


The Delphin Data Center can be used wherever measurement data requires networking and collective analysis. For example, data from basic product test benches through to highly complex R&D test benches for gas turbines with in excess of 20,000 measurement channels. Or data from a facility monitoring system in a small production hall through to the monitoring of pumps, lifts, conveyor belts or any other assets located anywhere around the world. Or data from road testing through to field test facilities. There are no limits to the range of potential applications.