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Data Loggers with GPS Sensors

Delphin’s data loggers have been further enhanced with GPS sensors. GPS signals can be received via the GPS sensor serially connected to a Delphin data logger. The sensor records GPS data (according to the NEMA protocol) allowing the Delphin device to compute, independently and online, longitudes and latitudes (positional determination) as well as speed. This GPS data is then available as a software channel and can also be combined with measurement data as required. Consequently, a direct relationship is then established between positional and measurement data.

The ProfiSignal Go software can be used to monitor the data online and evaluate it later offline. The measurement and positional data can be directly merged into Google Earth (e.g. position, speed, consumption, performance).

Key Features:

  • Time-synchronized acquisition of GPS positional and measurement data
  • Absolute, precision time-synchronization for independent measurement applications
  • Mobile use in vehicles using a 12 VDC power supply
  • Scalable solutions from 1 to 1000 measurement channels
  • Evaluation of measurement data using ProfiSignal or Google Earth


  • GPS and combined measurement data acquisition in trains
  • GPS data logger in vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.)
  • In flight testing measurements
  • Diagnosis of effects with positionally changing machinery
  • Monitoring hired machinery
  • Measurements in field trials (forklifts, tractors, construction equipment, etc.)
  • Field trials for alternative drive systems in vehicles
Example – Conductivity measurement with combined GPS positional data

At a research institute for vegetable and ornamental plants, the conductivity in soil is measured for research purposes. A specially developed vehicle travels across the experimental area with a rolling electrode system. This feeds alternating currents into one axle and measures its return at several other axles. In this scenario, the Expert Vibro measurement data acquisition system simultaneously records the process data and GPS coordinates. The results can then be directly observed during measurement. ProfiSignal is used to read-out data from the device memory and immediately portray it in coloured XY diagrams.