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Introducing Weisang’s FlexPro® Data Analysis Software

DAQLOG Systems is pleased to introduce FlexPro® data analysis software from Weisang. Powerful and intuitive, the software can easily import data in a variety of formats and excels in analysing dynamic processes. 

FlexPro® Key Features:
  • Fast searching of large amounts of data.
  • Data can be imported in all popular formats.
  • Latest analysis procedures for the precise analysis of your measurement data.
  • Use your analyses on any number of measurements at the click of a button.
  • Process millions of measurement values in seconds using your multicore CPU.
  • Share analysis templates over your network.



Evaluate Measurements Interactively

The powerful FlexPro® cursor tools help you see immediately what you measured. Furthermore, it can extract key information from your data without having to make calculations.


Analyse and Present your Data at the Click of a Button

Significantly with FlexPro® all elements that you create are linked to each other, from raw data to the final report.

  • Use analysis and presentation templates from the extensive FlexPro® library. Start analysing your data with just one click!
  • Modify the analysis procedure and immediately see the effect on the results.
  • Create individual templates and share them over your network.


Quickly Analyse Multi-Channel Data

In general, when analysing test series, the number of data sets to evaluate and results to present vary. Significantly the dynamic analysis and presentation features in FlexPro® automatically adjusts to the data. Consequently, this makes it easy for you to analyse this type of data.


Big Data in Test & Measurement

The FlexPro® Data Explorer option indexes measurement data archives on the server or your hard disk. Characteristic quantities are calculated during indexing. Configurable queries are used to search for characteristic quantities or other data attributes. Quickly find the data sets you want to analyse.


Office Level Reporting
  • Equip large reports with tables of contents and figures.
  • Customise paper size, headers, and footers for document sections.
  • Embed individual reports automatically into a final report.
  • Insert dynamic, multi-page diagrams and tables.


Built-In Input Filters

Another benefit with FlexPro® software is that you can easily import data in a variety of formats. It has a number of built-in import filters. These include popular hardware manufacturers, such as A&D, TEAC, Yokogawa, Hioki, Graphtec, AstroNova and Dewetron. Alternatively, you can also create your own custom filter for Excel / ASCII data types. See here for a list of import and export formats for FlexPro®.


FREE 30 day fully-functional trial

For more information and for a free 30 day fully-functional trial download, please see the product page here.