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Delphin Technology’s new LoggitoLab – compact measurement data acquisition

The LoggitoLab – compact measurement data acquisition from systems and in laboratories.

The new LoggitoLab system allows you to perform laboratory tasks, as well as ad hoc measurement tasks on machines and systems efficiently. The compact and practical LoggitoLab desktop device is tailored to your individual application. There are a choice of connection variants, each with 8 analog input channels. The variants have either 4 mm laboratory sockets or miniature thermal sockets. The 4 mm laboratory sockets provide fast connection of any voltage, current and RTD signals in 2, 3 and 4-wire technology. Similarly, the miniature thermal sockets allow direct connection of any thermocouples. Further to this, a combined variant is also available making the LoggitoLab a versatile and essential device for your testing.

Additionally, all variants are also equipped with two software switchable digital inputs/outputs.


LoggitoLab is available in two versions:

LoggitoLab Logger – ideal when users require PC-independent operation with fail-safe internal data storage. Furthermore it offers smart analysis functions as well as interfaces such as OPC UA and Modbus TCP. However, the logger’s main feature is its ability to transmit measurement data instantly to a tablet, smartphone or PC via WLAN.

LoggitoLab USB – when extra channels are required or PC-based data logging is planned. LoggitoLab USB delivers the same high-precision data acquisition and IOs as LoggitoLab Logger and at an affordable price.

However for a complete solution, combine with ProfiSignal 20 measurement software. Recorded measurement data can be instantly exported in .csv format to any Office application.

Key Features:
  • Plug & Play – Flexible and ready-to-use, very compact desktop unit with universal analog and digital I/Os
  • Optional laboratory and/or miniature thermal sockets for tool-free connection of any current/voltage and temperature signals
  • Maximum measuring precision and resolution
  • Available as a complete solution in combination with the platform-independent ProfiSignal 20 software
  • Integrated server capability to instantly visualise and analyse measurement data via a smartphone or tablet (optional)
  • Versatile interfaces: LAN, USB, WLAN, OPC UA, Modbus TCP (some optional)
  • Optional internal data memory 


For more information, please see the Product Page here.