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LoggitoLab Series

Versatile, high precision, scalable.
Compact measurement data lab.

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Product Features

  • Plug & Play – Flexible and ready-to-use desktop device with universal analog inputs and combined digital inputs/outputs
  • Optional laboratory and/or miniature thermal sockets to easily connect any current/voltage and temperature signals
  • Maximum measuring precision and resolution
  • Integrated server capability to instantly visualise and analyse measurement data via smartphone or tablet*
  • Versatile interfaces: LAN, USB, WLAN*, OPC UA*, Modbus TCP*
  • Easy extendibility and scalability when extra channels needed
  • Optional internal data memory

* Optional

Models and Connection Variants

LoggitoLab is available in 2 models, with 3 different variants.


LoggitoLab Logger
PC-independent operation with fail-safe internal data storage and smart analysis functions. The logger also features an optional server capability allowing measurement data to be instantly visualised and analysed on a smartphone or tablet. Optional WLAN interface allows full independence from existing network infrastructures.

LoggitoLab USB
Ideal for extending LoggitoLab loggers to enable increased channels, or if PC-based data logging is planned. Power supply and measurement data transmission take place via the supplied USB cable.


All connection variants have eight analog inputs and two software-switchable digital inputs/outputs and 4 mm laboratory sockets for the digital inputs and outputs. The connection variants are available for both the LoggitoLab Logger and for the LoggitoLab USB.

Eight universal analog inputs to connect any voltage, current and RTD signals in 2-, 3- and 4-wire technology via 4 mm lab sockets.

8 TC
Eight analog inputs for direct connection and high-precision measurement of any thermocouples via miniature thermal sockets.

4 AI-RTD 4 TC 
Full flexibility with a combination of 4 analog inputs with 4 mm laboratory sockets and 4 analog inputs with miniature thermal sockets.

Combine with Delphin’s measurement data software ProfiSignal 20 to turn the LoggitoLab into a full measurement data laboratory.



  • Laboratory data acquisition
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • School and university experiments
  • Fault value recording and analysis for machines and systems
  • Ad hoc measuring of any type
  • Temperature distribution measuring
  • Research and development
Connection Variant
8 TC
Analog inputs (mV, mA, thermocouples, RTDs) 8 0 4
0Analog inputs (thermocouples) 0 8 4
Total sampling rate 0.1 Hz to 500 Hz
Voltage measurement range ±78 mV to ±10 V
Current measuring range 0 to 20 mA / 4 to 20 mA / ±20 mA / any (with freely selectable external shunts)
Resistance measurement range 0 to 49 kΩ
Resolution/Type ADC 24 bit Sigma-Delta
Input impedance > 5 GΩ
Dielectric withstand voltage (tolerable overvoltage) ±24 VDC
Max. differential voltage channel to channel ±24 VDC
Galvanic isolation against FE ±400 VDC
Precision of current and voltage measurement 0.01% from upper range value
Precision resistance measurement  0.01% from upper range value (4-wire connection), 0.1% from upper range value (3-wire connection after additional offset determination)
RTD precision 2 2 2
Input signal low: 0 to 1 V / high: 3.6 to 100 VDC@3.5 mA
Frequency input measuring range 0.2 Hz to 500 Hz
Counter width 64 bit
Max. switching voltage / current Max. switching voltage / current
PWM basic frequency / duty cycle 100 Hz / 1:20
Galvanic Isolation ±400 VDC against FE / other channel groups


Module Type
LoggitoLab Logger
LoggitoLab USB
LAN Interface 100Base-Tx -
WLAN Interface 802.11b/g/n, max. 72 MBit/s (optional) -
USB device - mini socket 2.0 low/full/high speed 2.0 low/full speed
USB host - type A socket 2.0 low/full/high speed -
TCP/IP Protocols Modbus TCP server & client, OPC UA client, OPC UA server, NTP, SMTP, PTP -
Internal Data Storage 4 / 8 GB (approx. 30 million measurement values per GB) -
External Data Storage USB, NFS, CIFS, (S)FTP -
Dimensions L 150 mm x W 190 mm x H 80 mm (approx.)
Weight 800 g (approx.)
Temperature range -20 to 60° C
Humidity max. 90 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Supply Voltage 12 to 24 VDC / ±10 % 5 VDC
(via mini USB connector)
Power Input max. 7.5 watts max. 2.5 watts
LoggitoLab Brochure LoggitoLab Brochure

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