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New Features in the latest release of FlexPro®

Weisang’s FlexPro® 2021 is now available. The latest version of the popular data analysis software has 4 packages to choose from:

View OEM – a free user-friendly edition, allowing you to create graphics and documents, design, scale and position diagrams, tables and text.

Basic – more presentation features, templates and a basic set of mathematical analysis functions.

Professional – offers the performance, team functions and scalability required for professional use.

Developer Suite – the complete package and provides all FlexPro® features and options. 


New features of FlexPro® 2021

State-of-the-Art of Interactive Data Analysis
The Data Cursor and Cursor Markers area has been extensively revised and expanded. Other highlights include: 
  • Shape the cursors and display coordinates directly on the cursor.
  • Use the new auxiliary cursors to measure sidebands, slopes, or frequencies/orders (option).
  • Choose from over 20 cursor marker templates for marking data and dimensioning curves.
  • Use the new multiple marker to mark an X position for multiple curves.
  • Reposition already set markers simply with the mouse or by entering new coordinates.
New Row Table and Improved Column Table
  • new row table represents several data sets or a list of data sets in rows below each other
  • column table has also been revised with arbitrary font angles, line wrapping of larger texts and various pagination modes for larger amounts
Control Panels and Controls
  • place controls such as input fields, combo boxes, or check boxes directly in documents to enable form data entry
  • powerful dashboards embedding the new panel with controls in a worksheet
  • link buttons or other controls with a VBA macro
Order Analysis with New Method (Optional)
Transforms the vibrations or sound signals of rotating machines into the revolution range to effectively derive order spectra and order progressions:
  • analyse the change in orders over time and identify orders directly in the order spectrum
  • extract individual order curves over time, speed, revolution or frequency from an order spectrum
  • calculate the average of RMS order spectra to determine the spectral content of individual orders in the vibration signal
  • use bandpass filters in the revolution range to filter orders and calculate order progressions
  • use the harmonic filter to extract or remove harmonic components
DMS Rosette Transformation
  • calculate different quantities from two or three strain signals measured using a strain gauge rosette. This analysis performs the actual transformation, and also takes cross-sensitivity into account.
Import Schemes for Binary Data
  • Importing binary data often requires you to make a number of settings (eg channel selection, renaming, unit assignments and calculations). These can be saved as an import scheme in FlexPro® 2021 in order to automatically import further data sets.