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FOTRIC 322M Thermal Imaging Camera Series

  • 160 x 120 resolution.
  • 60mk sensitivity.
  • Available in 25° lens model or 49° lens model.
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FOTRIC 322M Thermal Imaging Camera Series

FOTRIC 322M Thermal Imaging Camera Series are compact handheld thermal cameras designed for facility maintenance use. The FOTRIC 322M benefits from a 160 x 120 resolution, 60mk sensitivity, and manual focus combined with the Android platform interface.

This camera series is available with two Lens options of 49° or 25° making it suitable for various industrial applications, such as: building inspection, electric distribution, and manufacturing. After inspection, you can easily import the data into AnalzyIR software with Wi-Fi, and generate reports with just one click.

Product Features

  • Focus control
    Achieve sharper details by switching from focus-free to manual focusing.
    Minimum focus distance of 0.1m.
  • Extra features for your inspection reports:
    Record and listen to valuable voice annotations using a Bluetooth headset.
    Add important written notes to videos and pictures.
  • Enhanced operation
    Responsive 3.5” LCD touch screen & fast user interface for smooth performance.
    Light-weight, compact design.
  • Touch scale mode:
    Reveal hidden details
    FOTRIC 320 Series Touch Scale Mode
  • High quality Reports
    One-click automatic reports via FOTRIC AnalyzIR software.
    Easy-sharing of JPEG thermal pictures with embedded temperature values.
    On-device radiometric video recording.
    Transfer images in seconds via Wi-Fi or Memory Card (64GB).
  • IP54 enclosure rating, 2 meters-drop tested.



FOTRIC 320M Series Comparison

Key Features
326M Series
325M Series
323M Series
322M Series
Thermal Resolution 384 x 288 320 x 240 264 x 198 160 x 120
Super Resolution (SR) 768 x 576 640 x 480 528 x 396 320 x 240
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) 40mk (0.04°C) 60mk (0.06°C)
Lens Options (Not Interchangeable) 49° x 36.8° 25° x 19° 49° x 36.8° 25° x 19° 49° x 36.8° 25° x 19° 49° x 36.8° 25° x 19°
IFOV 2.27 mrad 1.14 mrad 2.78 mrad 1.37 mrad 3.40 mrad 1.66 mrad 5.15 mrad 2.73 mrad
Focal Length f 7.5 f 15 f 7.5 f 15 f 7.5 f 15 f 3.3 f 7.5
Minimum Focus Distance 0.1m 0.15m 0.1m 0.15m 0.1m 0.15m 0.1m 0.1m
Key Features 322M
Thermal Resolution 160 x 120
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) 60mk (0.06°C)
Lens Options 
(Not interchangeable)
IFOV (spatial resolution), Focus Mode

46.5°x 35°, IFOV:5.15mrad, Manual focus & 0.5 meters focus free
25°×19°, IFOV:2.73mrad, Manual focus 


AI programmable key Support
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Yes, for data transfer & Headset.
Build-in digital camera 8 MP industrial camera
Frame Rate 30Hz
Temperature Range -20 °C to 120°C;
0 °C to 550°C
Measurement Tools Spot:10
Emissivity Support
ROI Alarm Support
Display Screen 3.5 inch Touch Screen
Palettes 8 (Grey, Iron, Rainbow, Grey-red, Rain, GlowBow, Medical, Prism)
Isotherm/Colour Alarms
(Above, Below, and in-between)
Storage Card TF card,64GB
File Format Full radiation thermal photo(JPEG.), visible light photo, thermal video(IRS.) and MP4 video
QR-code scan, saved in Tags Support
Remote Control
(with AnalyzIR Software)
Battery 3.6V,5000mAh Li-battery
Battery operation time ≥5 hours
Operation temperature -20°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 70°C, without battery 
Drop Designed for 2 meters drop test.  (GB/T 2423.8/IEC 60068-2-32)
Weight (include battery) 730g
Enclosure rating IP54
Warranty 2 years warranty on camera, 10 years for IR detector.
FOTRIC 320M Brochure and Specifications FOTRIC 320M Brochure and Specifications

FOTRIC 320 Quick Start Guide FOTRIC 320 Quick Start Guide