UK Supplier of Data Acquisition & Thermal Imaging systems, software and services



FOTRIC Inc. is specializing in innovative sensing solutions for a wide range of industrial safety applications. Serving over 50 countries, our expertise extends to defect detection, condition monitoring, and safety assurance in sectors like manufacturing, chemical processing, metallurgy, storage of coal and Li-ion batteries, waste management, electric utilities, oil & gas, and building infrastructure.

From our inception, precision in measurement and superior imaging technology have been our hallmarks. As a certified high-tech enterprise, FOTRIC adheres to stringent quality standards, evidenced by our ISO: 9001, FCC, CE, and KC certifications. Our leadership in the industrial safety equipment sector is marked by a commitment to continuous innovation, integrating advanced technologies for comprehensive safety solutions.

Underpinning our global presence is a robust distributor network across North America, Europe, Latin America, South Korea, Singapore, India, Australia, Taiwan, and other regions. This network ensures not only reliable sales channels but also sound technical support for our worldwide customers.

Embracing the motto ‘Connecting the Digital Future’, FOTRIC envisions a world where industrial safety is enhanced by smart, interconnected technologies. Our goal is to evolve continually, offering precise, data-driven tools that empower professionals to make informed decisions for safeguarding lives and livelihoods in the digital era.