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FOTRIC AnalyzIR Thermal Analysis Software

For remote control, alarm triggers & automatic data collection.

  • edit thermal images/videos
  • custom templates
  • history curves, histograms, 3D graphs
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FOTRIC AnalyzIR Thermal Analysis Software is compatible with all FOTRIC Thermal imagers.

AnalyzIR is a comprehensive analysis software designed in particular for R&D, but can also be of benefit to inspectors from all fields.

Its powerful features include remote control, and triggers for alarm or automatic data collection. AnalyzIR also includes report generation or template customization, and extensive analysis capabilities such as adding ROI tools for detailed analysis. Furthermore, it also allows users to edit thermal images and videos with temperature data and make temperature data corrections. Data analysis is presented in temperature history curves, histograms, and 3D graphs.

AnalyzIR is just one of the FOTRIC Thermal Analysis Software available.

FOTRIC AnalyzIR User Manual FOTRIC AnalyzIR User Manual

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