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DAS1800 High Speed Modular Data Acquisition System

10 slots for input modules – customise your device and get up to 80 analogue channels.

Record up to 40 channels at 1MSa/s per channel

4 different sampling frequencies – record both low-speed signals and higher-speed transients.

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DAS1800 High Speed Modular Data Acquisition System

The DAS1800 High Speed Modular Data Acquisition System from Sefram Instruments and B&K Precision features 10 module inputs and can be configured for a wide variety of applications. Choose from 3 input modules (universal, high impedance, and multiplexed) with 4 or 8 channels each to achieve the optimal channel configuration. Acquire data from any sensor with a voltage or current output (with shunt), or directly measure voltage, resistance, or temperature using thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs).

For capturing rapidly changing signals and transients, the DAS1800 can simultaneously measure and record up to 40 channels at 1 MSa/s/ch and stream the data directly to the solid-state drive. For slow changing parameters, the D18-MUX8 multiplexed module provides 8 inputs per module (up to 80 channels per system).

With four configurable sampling rates and advanced triggering options, the DAS1800 can also record trends at low sample rates and transients at higher rates. It also comes with a 2 TB solid-state drive standard, providing the longest recording time of any data acquisition recorder on the market.

Light-weight and portable, the DAS1800 weighing about 6.8 kg with the battery configured base unit is the lightest all-in-one system in its class. Modules are also light-weight, only adding around 0.55 kg each. The DAS1800 features a large 15.6” Full HD touch screen display for easy setup and visualizing real-time or recorded data, and the optional internal battery provides up to 3.5 hours of battery operation (1.5 hours with 10 D18-UNI4 modules) for testing in the field.

The highly intuitive user interface of the DAS1800 makes it easy to use with a multitude of time saving features, such as one finger scrolling, pinch and zoom, and a built-in sensor library.

The DAS1800 also provides several options for visualizing your measurement data. View measurements as real-time waveforms and numeric values on customizable dashboards. For viewing data on a PC, download the free DASpro software. For remote control, the
DAS1800 supports web server and VNC connections.

Key Features

  • Stream 40 channels at 1 MSa/s/ch
  • Up to 80 analogue inputs with D18-MUX8 multiplexed module
  • Measure up to ± 600 VDC
  • 10 slots and 3 measurement modules available
    • Universal (4 ch)
    • Multiplexed (8 ch)
    • High Impedance (4 ch)
  • Temperature measurements with thermocouples and RTDs
  • Store sensor information and parameters in the sensor library
  • Simultaneous recording at multiple sample rates (up to 4)
  • Internal signal conditioning with analogue and digital filters
  • 15.6” Full HD touchscreen display
  • 2 TB internal SSD (standard)
  • Advanced calculations and automatic measurements
  • Battery option (up to 3.5 hours of operation)
  • 16 digital input channels (24 V) and 4 digital outputs
  • Dedicated power outputs for sensors with +3.3 V, +5 V, +12 V, or +24 V excitation voltages
  • Interfaces include USB 3.0 (x2), USB 2.0 (x2), LAN 1 Gbps (x1), and HDMI (x1)
  • Rugged carrying case included

Data Acquisition System

Recording (files written to SSD)
Max Sampling Rate *1 1 MSa/s up to 40 channels
Recording Groups 4
Write Speed 120 MB/s (7 GB/min)
File Format ASAM MDF4 (.mf4)
File Size Limit 90% of disk capacity
At End of Acquisition Notify, rearm trigger
Real Time Measure
Display Mode F(t) Roll mode: 100 ms/div to 10 min/div
Scope mode: 10 μs/div to 50 ms/div
DMM Acquisition time:
200ms (10 NPLC2
at 50Hz),
2s (100 NPLC2
at 50Hz)
Record live view Typical Refresh period 2s,
Zoom Mode
Custom 2 Customizable Views Widgets: F(t),
RecLive F(t), DMM, Picture
File Viewer
Open File Time (typical) 10 sec per 100 GB of file
Subplot 16
Cursors Horizontal, vertical
Measurements On the data displayed or between cursors
Min, Max, Pk to Pk, Frequency, RMS, Rising time
Trigger System
Compute Period 1 µs
Source Analogue channel, external source, manual, date/time, delay (on start), duration (on stop),
AND/OR combination of channels (128 max)
On Analogue Channel Edge (rising, falling, both), Threshold (above,
below), windows (in, out)
Pre-trigger 128 Msamples
Post-trigger 1000 s maximum

Digital I/O

Number of Channels 16
Max Voltage 24 V
Threshold 1.2 V to 2.8 V
Sampling Interval 1 μs (1 MSa/s) each channel
Number of Channels 4
Output Characteristics TTL 5 V, 10 mA
Trigger Source Analogue/Digital channels, acquisition start/stop, disk full
Power Supply *3 + 12 V ± 5 %, 200 mA

Power Supply Outputs

Maximum Power Consumption 5 W
Output Characteristics + 3.3 V ± 5%, 500 mA
+ 5 V ± 5%, 500 mA
+ 12 V ± 5%, 400 mA
+ 24 V ±5 %, 200 mA

Synchronisation I/O

On Synchronisation Connector (SUB-D 15 HD pin)
Input Signal Level TTL 3.3 V
External Trigger Pull-up resistor: 10 kΩ, Rising edge sensitive
Minimum pulse width: 100 μs
External Start/Stop Pull-up resistor: 10 kΩ, Rising edge sensitive for start
Falling edge sensitive for stop
Minimum pulse width: 500 ms
Output Signal TTL 3.3 V
Trigger 1 ms positive pulse at trig event
Start/Stop Set when record is launched

Software Feature

Remote Access VNC for remote monitoring and control
Web Server
File Management FTP, SFTP
Bench Automation SCPI command port (23 or 5025)
Sensor Library Predefined sensors and user created
Date and Time Manual, NTP
Software Update Through web or USB
Languages English, French


Internal Solid State Memory 2 TB SSD 3D TLC NAND
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage Temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Display 15.6” TFT LCD full HD 1920 x 1080
Power Supply 110 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (150 VA max)
Interfaces USB 3.0 (x2), USB 2.0 (x2) , LAN 1 Gbps (x1), HDMI (x1)
Battery (optional) Non removable, Lithium-ion
Battery Life (typical) 3 ½ hrs - One D18-UNI4 module installed
1 ½ hrs - Ten D18-UNI4 modules installed
Weight 6.8 Kg base unit + battery option
550g per module
Safety Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU
EN 61010-2010+A1:2019
Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC directive 2014/53/EU
EN IEC 61326-1 (2021)
EN 61000-3-2 (2019+A1/2021)
EN 61000-3-3 (2013+A1/2019)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 485 x 280 x 200 mm
Warranty 3 Years
Supplied Accessories Power cord, SUB-D 25 pin male connector and back shell, SUB-D 15 HD pin male connector and back
shell, 8 pin connector, rugged carrying case
DAS1800 High Speed Modular System Specifications DAS1800 High Speed Modular System Specifications

Sefram and B&K Precison Data Acquisition Systems Brochure Sefram and B&K Precison Data Acquisition Systems Brochure

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