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Railway Applications using B&K Precision and SEFRAM’s Data Loggers

Railway Applications using B&K Precision and SEFRAM's Data Loggers

B&K Precision and SEFRAM’s Data Loggers allow you to acquire, record and analyse critical data within the Rail Transportation sector. The following examples demonstrate a sample of the Railway Applications using B&K Precision and SEFRAM’s Data Loggers.


Measure Electrical Parameters on Train, Subway and Tramway Networks.
Maximizing uptime and ensuring safe operation


Using the DAS 60 (6-channel data acquisition system) to measure electrical networks that support train, subway, and tram systems.DAS30 left view

DAS 60 allows the recording of :

  • DC currents (via additional current clamps)
  • DC voltages
  • The state of the protection relays
  • PLC outputs using built-in logic channels


The DAS 60 is also used to perform quality analysis of electrical networks via the power analysis mode. 

Benefits of using the DAS 60:

Its portability saves you time when switching between locations. Additionally, the colour touch screen, saved channel configurations, and built-in analysis
tools make it easy to diagnose problems quickly.


Record parameters for rail aging analysis.
Record critical parameters and detect head check defects in curved sections as specialized maintenance vehicles travel over specified sections of track.


36-Ch Thermal Chart RecorderUsing the 8460 unit change function, square wave signals from a rotary encoder are converted to distance in order to determine the exact location of the cracks. This is one of many advanced math functions available on the 8460.

Crack detection is performed by connecting specific sensors equipped with analogue outputs to the 8460 data acquisition system.
The 8460 allows you to instantly record all these parameters with a sampling rate of up to 1MHz. The thermal printer provides real-time printing of the recorded signals and a quick visual analysis of rail defects. Recordings saved in the internal memory (500 GB) can also be printed.

The distance information with the diagnostic curve of the rail aging, allows you to accurately pinpoint locations that require intervention.

Benefits of using the 8460:

The thermal printer and 15.4 inch touch screen allows a quick analysis of the data. An autonomous Data Acquisition System for both recording and analysis.


Checking the traction return circuit and detecting any faults.


Using the DAS 1700 allows you to verify the functionality of the traction return circuit and locate defects on a line. The DAS 1700DAS1700 side angle view. Railway Applications using B&K Precision and SEFRAM's Data Loggers equipped with one or more measuring boards, including a high voltage board, together with current clamps and its isolated inputs fulfils this task. With this system in place you can:

  • Measure currents and voltages flowing in the rails – to characterize the traction current return circuit (1500 V DC / 25000 V AC, 50 Hz) using current clamps and voltage probes.
  • Measure the line voltage and the absorbed current – to characterize the influence of the traffic on the line voltage using current and voltage probes.
  • Measure the relative temperature of the electrical elements of the catenary at constant load via the Pt100 / Pt1000 inputs available on the multiplexed card.


The double recording function also allows for recording data at a low sampling rate (main recording), and a faster rate when a user defined condition (trigger) is met. Additionally the DAS1700 allows the user to analyse the data faster and change between the two recordings (fast & slow). Furthermore by saving the configuration and exporting it to a USB stick or other device it reduces the setup time for commonly performed tests.

Benefits of using the DAS1700:

With up to 72 channels, its fast sampling rates, flexibility to choose from different acquisition boards, and ability to perform analysis directly on the device, the DAS1700 is a powerful all-in-one solution.

Advanced Data Analysis

All devices are supplied with Viewer software which allows you to:

  • Visualise recorded data
  • Print waveforms
  • Merge recording files
  • Process mathematical calculations on a channel or between channels
  • Annotate the curves
  • Export data to other applications (Excel, .csv file, .txt file, etc)


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