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FlexPro® Data Explorer Analysis Option

Indexes measured data on the server, or your hard disk. For extremely fast access to large amounts of data. Search queries refine the data sets for analysis.

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The new FlexPro® Data Explorer Analysis option indexes the measurement data on your hard disk and provides the data to you for import. View statistical information and a preview of the data immediately without having to import the data first.

Use configurable queries to search for data attributes and quickly find the data sets you want to analyse.

Key Features:

  • Find data sets with particular attributes and statistical properties in your data collection.
  • View previews and statistics even before importing your data.
  • Define reusable search filters.
  • Import data using drag-and-drop.
  • Create queries for data in the project, on the hard disk, or on the server for immediate analysis.
  • Calculate key quantities during indexing and use them for subsequent queries.
  • Set up an index server and grant your entire team access to your company’s measurement data archive (Microsoft SQL Server license required).
  • Import long-term measurements that span many files as gapless time series.
  • NEW: Calculate cross-channel parameters during indexing and use them for later queries.

Optional add-on for FlexPro® Professional Edition; included as standard within the Developer Suite Package.

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