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Universal Measurement Case for Vibration Monitoring

Universal Measurement Case for Vibration Monitoring.

Delphin’s compact case for vibration measurement enables signals from a wide variety of vibration sensors to be recorded. Variants are available for practically any common connection technology, with Lemosa, BNC, Tuchel and individualised sensor connection technologies typically being used.

The Expert Vibro data acquisition device with up to 16 high-speed vibration inputs is at the heart of the measurement case. With sampling rates of up to 50 ksamples/s per channel, the system is ideally suited to acquire, with absolute time-synchronisation, any type of vibration.

Consequently, shaft, bearing and housing vibrations as well as high-frequency electrical current and voltage signals can be recorded true to signal. Typical applications such as fault diagnosis and vibration analysis can now be recorded in a uniquely combined way.

The measurement case also enables synchronous recording of process variables such as temperatures, pressures and flow rates as well as high-speed measurement data.

Furthermore, measurement cases can be assembled according to an application’s specific requirements and are therefore ideally adaptable to customer needs. Similarly, connection technology with the kind of plug and socket combination is selectable according to needs.

For example, detachable screw or cage-type terminals, safety laboratory connectors, thermo-miniature connectors or circular connectors can be installed. Dual wiring for different connection technologies is also easy to provide.

Signals are usually fed through a feeder in the case lid. Measurement cases can then be sealed for the actual measuring task and thus ensure protection against dust, moisture and contact.

All common vibration sensors are supported. We will also be happy to quote you for a complete package which includes all the sensors required for your measuring task in addition to the measuring case.

Key Features of the vibration measurement case:
Delphin Custom Case for Vibration Monitoring
  • Flexible and adaptable to your requirements.
  • Independent operation due to integrated memory. The external storage medium can be selected as required for storage capacities into the terabyte range.
  • WLAN interface with integrated access point to enable wireless transmission of measurement data to a laptop or PC.
  • Standalone operation due to internal battery and/or UPS.
  • Sleep mode for energy-saving operation.
  • Worldwide data transmission via optional UMTS/LTE modem.
  • Connection of wireless sensors via optional wireless access point.
  • Power supply to external sensors directly from the measurement case.
  • Universal inputs to connect any vibration sensors.
  • FFT analysis and calculation of characteristic values online within the measurement case.
  • Simultaneous acquisition of vibration and process signals in one measurement case.
  • Integrated display to view current measurement values.
  • Highly protected against moisture and dust.
  • Worldwide use due to broad-range power supply and non-dependency on a country’s mains power frequency.
  • Simple and fast start-up.
The ProfiSignal software package is the ideal addition to the measurement case. ProfiSignal is software for users who need to gain access to live measurement data. In addition, it evaluates recorded measurement data and exports results easily into a Word report or Excel. The Vibro option supplements existing ProfiSignal functions with special diagrams for vibration measurement, FFT, cascade, time signal, Bode envelope as well as orbit and spectrogram.

Typical applications for the vibration measurement case:
  • Mobile vibration measurement on gas, water and steam turbines.
  • Fault analysis on equipment, machines and systems.
  • Vibration analysis and monitoring combined with temperature and process data.


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