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Looking for a replacement for the SONY SIR-1000?

TEAC WX-7000 Series is an ideal replacement for the SONY SIR-1000

When SONY discontinued their popular SIR-1000 Series, many users were left searching for an alternative data recording device. The TEAC WX-7000 high speed, multi-channel data recorder is the ideal solution. Designed with enhanced features and with more reliability and functionality, the TEAC WX-7000 is almost a direct replacement for the SONY SIR-1000 .

WX-7000 Series - 16 channels


TEAC WX-7000 has following improved features:

100dB Wide Dynamic Range

100dB Wide Dynamic Range

24-bit analogue to digital conversion provides a wider dynamic range than conventional systems. The SONY is only capable of 16-bit ADC. 

TEAC WX-7000 Series is an ideal replacement for the SONY SIR-1000 with 24-bit analogue to digital conversion

Extended Record Time

Using a 1TB RDX media, the WX-7000 records 72 times longer than Sony SIR-1000. There is therefore no need to frequently change media to record data in a long duration test.

TEAC WX-7000 Series is an ideal replacement for the SONY SIR-1000 with extended record time compared to the SONY SIR-1000

Reliable and Robust Recording Media – RDX and SDHC Card

RDX is a disk-based storage system and SDHC card is the most popular memory media. Both can be used as recording media.

RDX removable cartridge systems offer high-speed, multi-channel and large-capacity recording, and are frequently used as server back-up systems. They are tough, and cartridges are shockproof and ruggedized.

RDX Recording media

SDHC cards are one of the most popular memory devices, with most computers able to read them.

Up to 128 Channel Recording Capability per WX-7000

By configuring the WX-7000 main unit with eight 16-Channel Input / Output cards, it is possible to record 128 channels at 10kHz bandwidth. 20kHz bandwidth is available with 64 channel recording.

If you need more channels, two WX-7000 units can be synchronized together to provide a maximum of 256 channel recording.

Fail-Safe RecordingPeriodic File Close to Avoid Unexpected Data Loss

The WX-7000 closes the data file after every one minute while recording. So, in the event of an unexpected power outage during recording, all recorded data is saved from one minute before power loss, and is available for review and replay. (The file is not divided).

Periodic File Close to avoid unexpected data loss

However, to further improve data protection, it is possible to save data files with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). In this case, a power surge event will trigger a signal to be sent from the UPS to the WX-7000, which will automatically close the file and stop recording.

So in conclusion, the TEAC WX-7000 series is an ideal replacement for the SONY SIR-1000 series, featuring better bandwidth, cheaper media and easier data transfer / extraction.

Please see our TEAC WX-7000 Product Page for more information.