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New High Resolution, High Sensitivity Thermal Imaging Camera Release From AVIO – the R450 Series

R450 High Resolution & Sensitivity Thermal Camera Series from AVIO.
AVIO R450 Series Thermal Imaging Camera

R450 high resolution, high sensitivity thermal imaging camera, capable of measuring from low to high temperatures continuously at a frame rate of 40Hz. The R450 Series is ideal for use in many applications such as inspecting infrastructure, facility maintenance, research and development, and quality control. 

The R450 Series is available in two models: the R450 with a measurable temperature range of -40 to +650°C and the R450Pro with its range of -40 to +1500°C. Optional lenses include 2x Telephoto, 2x Wide Angle and 52μm Close up Magnification.

  • Super Resolution Mode.
  • Image Synthesis Mode (picture-in-picture, side-by-side, Fusion).
  • Automatic movie recording (R450Pro).
  • Quick Panorama Function.
  • Tilting LCD Monitor
Typical Applications include:
  • Evaluating heat resistant paint.
  • Electrical inspections.
  • Resistance welding.
  • Structural Inspections – buildings, roads and bridges.


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AVIO R450 Series Thermal Imaging Camera Wide Measurement Range