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MicroControl’s μMIC.200 Control System programmable with Node-Red or C/C++

μMIC.200 Control System programmable with Node-Red or C/C++

The μMIC.200 from MicroControl is an innovative control system, integrating the best of the world of automation for IoT/Industry 4.0. The concept offers more than conventional compact industrial control units: i.e. increased temperature range, memory, voltage supply, flexibility etc.

Additionally it can easily be programmed in Node-RED, or C/C++ programming for more demanding tasks. Intuitive, quick and secure programming through its graphic user interface offers clear advantages:

Node-RedμMIC.200 Control System programmable with Node-Red
  • quick results for prompt application
  • no additional local software installation
  • 2 CAN-, 2 Ethernet- and 2 serial interfaces
  • easy and quick connection to IoT cloud services/Industry 4.0
C/C++μMIC.200 Control System programmable with C/C++
  • freely available development environment Eclipse
  • real-time Linux operating system for flexible development of applications
  • C/C++ libraries and applications can easily be integrated in Node-RED


With its 62 mm casing suited for DIN rail mounting, the µMIC.200 is significantly smaller than conventional control units by about 25%. The µMIC.200 is equipped with eight configurable digital in-/outputs, together with four freely controllable LEDs, as well as a real-time clock.

The µMIC.200 may be used in a multitude of different applications, however it is particularly suited for industrial applications and harsh environments.

Example Applications

Controlling large solar power plants

Controlling large solar power plants for controlling large solar power plantsIn sunny regions solar power plants are equipped with thousands of mirrors which have to be optimally positioned according to the required performance, the position of the sun as well as the weather conditions and temperatures.

Each line of mirrors is equipped with a μMIC.200 plus CAN modules to communicate the current performance data of the plant to the main computer and store them safely in a cloud.


Mobile Test Facilities

μMIC.200 Control System programmable formMobile Test FacilitiesBefore motor vehicles are approved for road traffic, they have to be tested in extreme conditions and mobile test facilities have to cope with these as well. Due to its intuitive Node-RED programming, the μMIC.200 can be adjusted easily and safely to quickly changing conditions. Robust MicroControl boxes ensure reliable data transmission on the CAN bus even in harshest environments.



For more information on the μMIC.200 Control System, please view the product page here.