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Introducing Delphin Technology’s Latest Data Recorder Expert Vibro – A New Dimension in Vibration Measurement

Expert Vibro is Delphin Technology’s new vibration monitoring data recorder. Vibration measurement is easy with Expert Vibro and the intuitive configuration results in fast implementation and short commissioning times.

The compact Expert Vibro is equipped with 16 synchronous analog inputs with sampling rates of up to 50 kHz per channel. A 24-bit A/D converter delivers high-precision measurement. Users are able to switch the analog inputs between voltage, IEPE and shaft vibration measurement. Integrated comparators and digital inputs enable flexible triggering. Measurement data is monitored “on the fly” with the switching in milliseconds of up to 8 digital outputs.

Expert Vibro can be connected to PCs via LAN or USB. Optional WLAN, UMTS or LTE modules are available for standalone operation. Antennae can be connected via SMA sockets. Two PROFIBUS interfaces are available as well as Modbus TCP for fieldbus connections. Multiple Expert Vibro devices can be synchronized to process vibration data from many channels.

Characteristic values can be determined from time signals and spectra. Spectra are computed online (FFT) and recorded along with time signals and characteristic values. Expert Vibro has a built-in data storage capability to enable independent operation. Versatile software channels enable Expert Vibro to be used for complex analysis and monitoring tasks. The Expert Vibro’s touch-display shows important configuration or measurement data.

Expert Vibro Specifications

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