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Record traditional video/analog signals along with CAN, GPS and Pulse data simultaneously in perfect sync. Wide bandwidth (40kHz).

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Analogue and Video Portable NVH Recorder.

The TEAC VR-24 data recorder can record traditional video/analogue signals along with CAN, GPS and Pulse data simultaneously in perfect sync. Wide bandwidth (40kHz). Because of its small lightweight design with battery operation capability, the VR-24 is an ideal stand-alone data recorder for on-site measurements.

Synchronised recording is possible with other TEAC data recorders, such as the WX-7000 and LX-100 series. As well as between two VR-24 units.

Product Features

  • Light weight, weighing approximately 2.3Kg
  • DC powered, with optional battery power for portable field use
  • Wide 40KHz bandwidth for high frequency noise measurements on EV and turbo chargers
  • Excellent system for NVH and automotive applications

Standard accessories include:
AC adapter, Microphone, Ear phone, Installation Manual and Operation Manual (included on CD)

Video IN

Camera Interface Gigabit Ethernet (Specific model camera is required)
Number of Channels 2ch
Frame Rate 100fps x 1ch (QVGA resolution : 240p)
30fps x 1ch (HD resolution : 720p)
30fps x 1ch (HD resolution : 720p progressive)

Analog IN

Number of Channels 4ch
Coupling DC / AC / ICP (TEDS applicable) Selectable for each channel
A/D Converter Delta-sigma (simultaneous sampling)
Sampling Frequency

Bandwidth x 2.4
40K, 20K, 10K, 5K, 2.5K, 1.25K, 630, 100
96K, 48K, 24K, 12K, 6K, 3K, 1.5K, 240

Bandwidth x 2.56
40K, 20K, 10K, 5K, 2.5K, 1.25K, 630, 100
102.4K, 51.2K, 25.6K, 12.8K, 5.12K, 2.56K, 1.28K, 256

Analog Output None
A/D Resolutions 16bit / 24bit selectable
Input Range 0.01 / 0.0316 / 0.1 / 0.316 / 1 / 2 / 3.16 / 10 V
Dynamic Range

100dB (20KHz bandwidth, 1V range, 24bit mode)

High Pass Filter OFF / 5Hz (-12dB/oct)
Low Pass Filter OFF / 200 / 500 / 1K / 2K [Hz] (-12dB/oct)
ICP Current 4mA / 24V

Digital IN / Pulse IN

GPS Position data, Time data
CAN All packets, data recorded (2 signals monitor available)
Pulse 1ch (Either pulse or Ext. Trigger)


Video & Analog Sync.
+/- 1fps @ 30frs
View while Recording Video (1ch) / Analog Data / CAN
Recording START/STOP Manual mode / Trigger mode
Trigger Level, Timer, Repeat, External
Pre Trigger, Post Trigger
Voice Memo Available
Recording Media CFast up to 64GB / SDHC up to 32GB *Cfast media required for video recording
Synchronization LX-100 series / WX-7000 series, VR-24 x 2
LCD 5.7"
Operation Touch Panel + Button
Dimensions 260W x 186D x 77H mm
Weight Approx. 2.3Kg
VR-24 Specifications VR-24 Specifications

VR-24 User Manual VR-24 User Manual

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