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TD-01 Portable Load-Cell Indicator

TEDS Compliant multi-functional portable load-cell indicator.

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TD-01 Portable Load-Cell Indicator is a digital indicator that connects with strain gauge based transducers. This unit displays input signals from transducers as an indicator value or graph display. 

Product Features

  • 2.4″ colour TFT LCD
  • TEDS 1451.4 compliant (TEDS compatible Load-cell is connected, the unit will automatically self calibrated)
  • Waveform display, overdrawing previous data on current data to compare is available
  • Data storing
  • Static strain reading (10,000 μst max.)
  • Cable breaking detection
  • Sensitivity of Load-cell and display configuration can be stored in the unit. (up to 6 sets)
  • Numeric (full 5 digits) and Waveform selectable
  • Terminal Input for bare wire and 7P Tajimi connector for NDIS
  • Real load calibration and Equivalent load calibration are available.
  • Comparator function. Easy recognition by changing colour (Over / Lower)
  • Holding and Triggering function (Auto / Normal / Single)
  • Analogue output (works as a signal conditioner)
  • Fast Sampling Rate 1,000 times / second 24bit A to D conversion
  • Language English / Japanese selectable
  • AA batteries x 4 (working 8 hours) or USB bus power (Not for charging)
Measuring Range  Full bridge strain gauge type transducer ± 5.0mV/V
Bridge Excitation Voltage   DC 2.5 V Current: 30 mA Max
 Calibration  Range: 0.3 to 5.0 mV/V
Accuracy: 0.1% F.S. (Sensitivity 0.5 mV/V or more)
Method: Real load calibration, Equivalent input calibration, TEDS calibration
Accuracy  Thermal Zero Shift: < 0.5 µV / °C
Thermal Gain Shift: < ± 0.005% / °C
Analog to Digital Conversion  1000 times / second  24 bit
Analog Output  ± 2.0V  16 bit
TEDS  IEEE1451.4 Class 2 mix mode interface
Display  Size / Type: 2.4 inch TFT Colour LCD
Range: -99999 to +99999, Full 5 digits
Mode: Physical value, Waveform graphics, Static strain
Data Storing     Number of data: 200
Number of graphs: 5
What stored: Record count, Date/Time, Record mode, Load-cell number, Display value, Trigger mode, etc.
File Type: CSV
Settings Memory  Number of load-cells: 6
Number of calibrations: 6
Graph Trigger  AUTO (SNAPSHOT Available), NORMAL, SINGLE
Hold Function  Sample, Peak, Bottom
Comparison  Setting: Upper limit (HI), Lower Limit (LO)
Mode: Always / When stable / When hold mode / Disable
Filter  Digital Filter (Moving Average)
Digital Zero   Digital Zero: Tare / Arbitrarily
Zero Tracking: Zero suppress by setting duration time and value range
Power  Battery: 4 x AA type Alkaline or NiMH battery
Ext. Power: USB bus power (Micro-USB B)
Environment  Operating Temp. Range: 0 to 40 °C
Storage Temp. Range: -20 to 60 °C
Operating Humidity: < 85% RH (no condensation)
Dimension W85 x H140 x D35 (mm)
Weight Approx. 320g (Battery Included)
Applicable Standard CE, FCC (Class A)
TD-01 Portable Digital Indicator Specifications TD-01 Portable Digital Indicator Specifications

TD-01 User Manual TD-01 User Manual

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