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TD-9000T High-speed Digital Indicator for Load Management

Capture load and displacement in real time.

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The TD-9000T is a high-speed digital indicator for load management that supports two inputs: load cell and displacement gauge.
The indicator boasts a high-speed A/D conversion of 25,000 times/sec and is equipped with a 4.3-inch touchscreen monitor.

Product Features

  • High-speed processing 25000 times/sec
  • 4.3-inch wide touchscreen monitor mounted on a panel with 92 x 92 mm hole size.
  • Displacement input as standard
  • Analogue Output  0 to +-10V, or 4 to 20 mA
  • Digital Output either RS-232C or USB
  • TEDS Calibration
  • Linearization Calibration
  • Built-in memory and SD card drive
  • Judgement result display function
  • Load cell diagnostic functions:
    Static strain display
    Disconnection detection
Displacement Sensor Input
Adapting 2 inputs of Strain and Displacement (Voltage and Pulse)

Support for pulse input – A/B phase or A phase, differential square wave (RS-422 conformance) and voltage input ±5.2 V. Not only Time-Load but also Displacement-Load management is possible.

High-speed Sampling

25,000 times/sec and 5,000 times/sec can be selected. (Resolution: 24bit)

Real-time Judgments

System Configuration

System configuration for TD-9000T



Sensor Input

Load Sensor Input
Bridge Voltage 2.5V / 5V / 10V ±10% (30mA current maximum, remote sense can be used)
Signal Input Range Strain gauge sensor -3.2mV/V - 3.2mV/V
Calibration Calibration Range 0.1mV/V - 3.2 mV/V
Calibration Method Equivalent Input / Actual Load / TEDS
Linearize Function* Five-point tracking
Accuracy Linearity Within 0.01%F.S. ±1digit (when input is 3.2 mV/V)
Zero Drift Within 0.5µV/ºC (Input conversion value)
Gain Drift Within 0.005%F.S/ºC
A/D Conversion Resolution 24-bit (binary)
Sampling Rate 5000 times per second or 25000 times per second
Filter Low Pass OFF / 3 / 10 / 30 / 100 / 300 / 1000Hz (Digital filter, -6dB/oct)
Moving Average OFF / 2 - 2048 times
Auto Digital Only digital value display (constant judgement)
TEDS Function IEEE1451.4 class 2 mix mode interface


Displacement Sensor Input (Pulse)
Pulse Type A/B phase or A phase, differential square wave
(RS-422 conformance)
Maximum Input Frequency 2 MHz
Maximum Count Value 15,000,000
Calibration Method Equivalent Input / Actual Load
Moving Average Filter OFF / 2 - 2048 times
Power Supply for Sensor Driving 5V (±10%)、500mA Max.


Displacement Sensor Input (Voltage)
Input Voltage Range ±5.2V
Calibration Calibration Range 0 - 5.2V
Calibration Method Equivalent Input / Actual Load
Accuracy Linearity Within 0.01%F.S. ±1digit (Input ≥3.3V)
Zero Drift Within 0.005%F.S/ºC
Gain Drift Within 0.02%F.S/ºC
A/D Conversion Resolution 24-bit (binary)
Filter Low Pass OFF/10/30/100/300Hz (-6dB/oct)
Moving Average OFF / 2~2048 times
Power Supply for Sensor Driving 12V (±10%), 250mA Max.


Device Settings

Power Supply DC 24V (±10%) 13W,  AC100-240V (AC adapter is optional)
Environment Temperature 0ºC - 40ºC (Operating) / -20ºC - 60ºC (Storage)
Humidity 85% RH or less (without condensation)
Dimensions Approx. 114 mm x 96 mm x 140 mm (protrusions not included)
Weight 960g approximately
Applicable Standards EMC FCC (class A, To be scheduled)
Safety CE, UL (To be scheduled)
Display 4.3 inch LCD colour resistive touch panel
Display Range -32000 - +32000
Screen Digital load value, Waveform, Archive data, Setting
Waveform X-axis Time 80ms / 170ms / 400ms / 800ms / 2.0s / 4.0s / 10.0s / 30.0s / 60.0s / 120.0s
Displacement 2000 / 4000 / 6000 / 8000 / 10000 / 15000 / 20000 / 30000
Y-axis Load (STD) / Load and displacement (biaxially)
Comparison Waveform Band Judgment Offset reference band / Designated value band
Multi-zone Judgment Up to 5 judgment zones can be set by device /  external signal
Comparison Judgment Load: HH / HI / OK / LO / LL
Displacement: HI / OK / LO
Hold Setting Constant comparison, sampling, peak, bottom, peak to peak, maximum/minimum, inflection point and average value
Beep Function Sounding when judgments are not OK (ON / OFF Switchable)
Measurement Work Settings Number of Works 16 (Work can be copied)
Switching External input signal / manual
Data Recording Built-in memory (up to 70) or SD cards
D/A Converter Output Range Isolated, Current (4-20mA), Voltage (-10V - +10V)
Conversion Rate Same as A/D converting rate
Resolution current output: about 1/43000, voltage output: about 1/59000(when set to ±10V)
Impedance 350Ω or less (Current output) / 2kΩ or more (Voltage output)
Communication Interface RS-232C (D-sub 9-pin), USB
Control Input / Output Signal
(Photocoupler Insulation)
Input Signal

Differential pulse displacement sensor (A phase, B phase), Back light On / Off, Touch panel lock, reset, work select, hold zone select, clear, Judgement On / Off, Measurement Start / End, Pre-set displacement, Digital zero

*Signals are input when shorted/opened (contact or non-contact (transistor, TTL open collector)) between any input terminal and the COM terminal.

Output Signal Load judgement (HH / HI / OK / LO / LL), Displacement judgement (HI / OK / LO), Load cell abnormal, Measurement Completed, Trigger (1, 2)

*NPN open collector (Sync type)

*Maximum Current: 20 mA/Voltage: 30 V
Check Functions Load cell check (static strain / interruption detection), contact terminal check
Date and Time Setting Date (YYYY/MM/DD, etc.) / time can be set
Recording Media SD/ SDHC (2~32GB, Class 10 recommended)
TD-9000T Specifications TD-9000T Specifications

TD-9000T User Manual TD-9000T User Manual

TD-View Free Software User Guide TD-View Free Software User Guide

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