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CANopen – CANopen FD Slave Protocol Stack

Software package for development of CANopen / CANopen FD slave devices.

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CANopen / CANopen FD Slave Protocol Stack.

The CANopen / CANopen FD slave source code package provides the complete functionality for integration of the CANopen standard CiA 301 / CiA 1301 in your existing devices. Versatile configuration options allow an individual customization to the target system. Example code facilitates the start-up phase, the user can focus on the implementation of their own application. A consistent driver interface gives the flexibility to use any CAN controller available on the market.

The following CANopen services are supported:

  • Service Data Objects (SDO / USDO Server)
  • Process Data Objects (PDO Consumer / Producer)
  • Network Management (NMT Slave)
  • Emergency Messages (EMCY Consumer / Producer)
  • Synchronisation Messages (SYNC Consumer / Producer)
  • Layer Setting Services (LSS Slave)
  • Time Server (TIME Producer / Consumer


All services can be parameterized during runtime via the application or via the local object dictionary. Users may extend the local object dictionary according to their specific purposes. A variety of device profiles and application profiles are available to complement the protocol stack. Various call-back functions can be used to send on messages of the CANopen / CANopen FD protocol stack to the application.

The number of PDOs can be configured within a range from 0 to 32 for Transmit-PDOs (TPDO) as well as for Receive-PDOs (RPDO). For any configuration the pre-defined connection set (CIA 301 / 1301) will be respected automatically. In addition, PDO linking can be disabled for safety-critical applications.


Product Features

  • functional range according to CANopen specification CiA 301 / CANopen FD specification CiA 1301
  • support of Layer Setting Services (LSS, CiA 305)
  • modular software structure with versatile configuration options
  • adjustment to target product without affecting the code structures
  • optimized for low resource requirements (ROM / RAM)
  • broad range of supported CAN controllers
  • consistent interface for the CAN driver (CANpie FD)
  • easy enhancement of object dictionary (vendor specific parameters)
  • miscellaneous add-ons available (device profiles / mini-master)
  • support of network variables (CiA 302-4)
  • bridge function to J1939 protocol software


The option Mini-Master adds the following functions to our CANopen slave protocol stack:

  • SDO Client: parameterization of other CANopen slave devices
  • NMT master: change NMT condition of other CANopen slave devices
  • Network Management (NMT)
  • LSS master: adjustment of bit rates and node ID


The option Safety provides an implementation of the European standard EN 50325-5 featuring the following functions:

  • max. 8 SRDOs (SR Data Object)
  • global fail-safe command
  • expansion of the CANopen Slave object dictionary


The CANopen / CANopen FD Slave protocol stack will come as C99 source code with a user manual in English (electronic and printed version). The scope of delivery also contains:

  • Site-related company licence, no additional runtime costs
  • 12 months technical support by email or telephone
  • Ready-to-run examples for various demo boards


Stack / Profile / Driver Options

50.01.020 CANopen / CANopen FD slave protocol stack
Protocol stack as C source code, example programs, documentation in English language, provided by download link
50.01.030 Option Mini-Master
Support NMT Master, SDO-Client and LSS Master, in C source code
50.01.031 Option Safety for CANopen Slave protocol stack
Functional expansion of the object dictionary of the CANopen Slave protocol stack according to European standard EN50325-5
50.09.401 CANopen Device Profile CiA 401
Device profile for digital and analogue I/O modules
50.09.402 CANopen device profile CiA 402
Device profile for drives
50.09.404 CANopen device profile CiA 404
Device profiles for sensors and actuators
50.09.406 CANopen device profile CiA 406
Device profile for encoders
50.09.410 CANopen device profile CiA 410
Device profile for inclinometer
50.09.417 CANopen Application Profile CiA 417
Application profile for lift control systems
50.09.418 CANopen Device Profile CiA 418
Device profile for batteries
50.09.419 CANopen Device Profile CiA 419
Device profile for charging devices
50.09.437 CANopen Application Profile CiA 437
Application profile for photovoltaic components
See CANpie FD Driver options CANpie FD Driver
API for CAN implementation for the respective microcontroller


CANopen Slave Protocol Stack
Communication Profile CiA 301, version 4.1 / CiA 1301
device profiles as optional add-on available
NMT Master Boot up message
Heartbeat producer / consumer
SDO Client Expedited upload / download
Segmented upload / download
Block upload / download
PDO Handler Pre-defined connection set for 32 transmit / receive PDOs
Support for standard / extended frames
Static / variable PDO mapping
CANopen Services Emergency message upon error conditions (EMCY handler)
Synchronisation message (SYNC consumer / producer)
Layer Setting Services (CiA 305, LSS)
Special Functions LED status information
Parameter store / restore
Options Mini master (NMT Master, SDO Client)
Device profiles (CiA 401, CiA 402, CiA 404, CiA 406, CiA 418, CiA 419, etc.)
CAN driver CANpie, available for a wide range of CAN controllers
(refer to separate datasheet)
CANopen - CANopen FD Slave Protocol Stack Specifications CANopen - CANopen FD Slave Protocol Stack Specifications

CANopen - CANopen FD Slave Protocol Stack User Manual CANopen - CANopen FD Slave Protocol Stack User Manual

Protocol Stacks CANopen, J1939 Brochure Protocol Stacks CANopen, J1939 Brochure

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