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FOTRIC TK7 Thermal Imaging Camera

Entry-level handheld thermal imaging camera with L49 lens.
Manual focus and free focus.
Temperature range up to 350℃.


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FOTRIC TK7 Thermal Imaging Camera

The FOTRIC TK7 Thermal Imaging Camera is designed for entry-level thermography. The handheld pistol grip model features a 384 x 288 IR resolution. Utilising FOTRIC’s proprietary sensor ensures high-quality thermal images. With its L49 lens and a combination of manual focus and free focus it allows for inspections at a variety of distances. This versatility together with its temperature range of up to 350°C makes the FOTRIC TK7 suitable for a wide range of applications.

Product Features

  • Manual focus – concise measurement at all distances.
  • 49° wide angle shot.
  • 40mk thermal sensitivity.
  • 384 x 288 thermal pixels.
  • Super resolution.
  • TEF-Fusion 0~100% adjustable transparency. 
  • Touch span to highlight the anomaly against the environment.
  • Function shortcut button – tailor what the camera does to what you need.
  • 3.5” LCD touch screen.
  • 8MP industrial grade digital camera.
  • IP54 – Dust and water resistant.
Thermal Resolution 382 x 288
Super Resolution 764 x 576
Thermal Sensitivity 40mk(0.04° C)@30° C
Field of View 49° x 36.8°
Spatial Resolution 2.27 mrad
Focal Length f7.5
Minimum Focus Distance 0.1m
Focus Mode Focus Free
Manual Focus
Spectral Range ~7-14μm
Built-in Digital Camera 8 MP Industrial Camera
Frame Rate 30Hz
Temperature Range -20° to 350°C
Measurement Accuracy ±2 ° C or 2% , whichever is greater
(at 25 °C ambient temperature)
Measurement Parameters Emissivity, Ambient Temp, Partial Emissivity, Reflected Temp, Relative Humidity, Distance, IR Window Compensation.
Supplied with:
FOTRIC handheld thermal camera, documentations (certificate of quality, certificate of calibration, warranty card, packing list), user manual, USB-Type C cable,
TF card, TF card reader, power adaptor, 1 battery.
FOTRIC TK7 Thermal Imaging Camera Brochure and Specifications FOTRIC TK7 Thermal Imaging Camera Brochure and Specifications