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FOTRIC NaviTiR System Software

System software for the FOTRIC 320 and FOTRIC 340 Series thermal imaging cameras.


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FOTRIC NaviTiR System Software

The FOTRIC NaviTiR System software greatly enhances the capabilities of the thermal imaging cameras within the FOTRIC 320FOTRIC 340  and FOTRIC P Series range. Designed to streamline repetitive inspection procedures, such as troubleshooting electrical and mechanical systems.

Product Features

Streamline Routine inspections

The NaviTiR system is an AI-infused digital upgrade from the traditional thermal camera. It includes advanced features such as digitalized data management, automatic diagnosis, and object identification. Additionally, the instant data synchronization and one-click report generation assists the user to present their findings quickly and efficiently.

NaviTiR time saving properties


Digital Data Management

Traditional thermal inspection methods usually involves paper documentation and manual transcription. The FOTRIC NaviTiR system has an efficient and error-proof electronic ledger system to alleviate those laborious tasks.

Electronic Ledger of the NaviTiR

Object Identification and Automatic Diagnosis

The FOTRIC NaviTiR powered device can automatically recall pre-set diagnostic rules, intelligently diagnose the current state of the equipment, and save the diagnostic conclusion in the inspection task.

Automatic Object Recognition

The NaviTiR is as flexible as it is convenient. Experienced inspectors can overwrite the device’s diagnosis, for further refinement if required.

Applications include inspecting electric cabinets, metallurgy, oil & gas, or chemical works. It is also used for repeated device testing e.g. R&D testing, and defect detection of finished products. 

Please note: The NaviTiR system is a software system compatible with newer generation FOTRIC handheld cameras, i.e. red 340 series and high screen resolution 320 series.

FOTRIC NaviTiR System Brochure FOTRIC NaviTiR System Brochure

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