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IRT Cronista

Version 4.0

Thermal imaging software compatible with compatible with AVIO, FOTRIC, Fluke, Flir, and many more manufactures.

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IRT Cronista thermographic analysis and reporting software

IRT Cronista thermographic analysis and reporting software from Grayess is a comprehensive solution for infrared imaging tasks. Integrating image management, in-depth analysis, and report generation IRT Cronista is a high-grade tool allowing professionals to focus more on fieldwork and less on paperwork.

Functional Report Templates

Choose from a selection of ready-to-use report templates or customize them to your preferences

IRT Cronista Functional Report Templates

Advanced Thermal Analysis

Perform in-depth thermal analyses with a wide range of customizable tools and settings for precise results.

IRT Cronista Advanced Thermal Analysis

Categorized Image Annotations

Add categorized notes to your images for effortless integration into reports, speeding up the reporting process.

IRT Cronista Categorized Image Notations

Multi-image Analysis and Image Stacks

Arrange your infrared images into stacks for easy comparison and enhanced reporting.

IRT Cronista Multi-image Analysis and Image Stacks

Automatic Image Stitching

Combine multiple images into a single high-resolution image to overcome the limitations of your camera.

IRT Cronista Automatic Image Stitching

Report Features

  • Report Generator for Microsoft Word
  • Editable IR Images Directly in Report
  • Pre-designed Templates
  • Template Customization
  • IR Images, Visible Images, Diagrams
  • Fields and Tables for all relevant data from IR images and analysis objects
  • Document Properties
  • Table of Contents and Summary Tables*
  • Formulas and Conditional Text Formatting
  • Title and Extra Pages
  • Headers and Footers
  • Conditional Templates
  • Export Formats: PDF, XPS, ODT and more
  • Extend Functionality with Macros

Thermal Analysis Features

  • Multiple Colour Palettes
  • Adjustable Displayed Temperature Range
  • IR to Visible Image Fusion with Details Enhancement
  • Isotherms
  • Emissivity & Environment Adjustment: for images and individually for analysis objects
  • Analysis Objects: Spots, Lines and Areas with Min-Max-Average values
  • Hottest/Coldest Spots
  • Complex Analysis Objects: Polylines and Polygons*
  • Delta Analysis
  • Profiles
  • Histograms*
  • Trends*
  • Dew Point Calculator*
  • Multiple Image Analysis*
  • Contrast Enhancement**

Organizer Features

  • Files and Folders Explorer
  • Preview icons (IR+Visible)
  • Comments, Metadata and Audio
  • Image Annotations
  • View Layouts: Standard, Dual and Filmstrip
  • IR Video Player*
  • IR Image Stacks**
  • Automatic Image Stitching**
  • Resolution Enhancement**

* Available only in the Professional and Ultimate Editions
** Available only in the Ultimate Edition


Contact us to request a free fully functional (time limited) trial version.

  IRT Cronista IRT Cronista PRO IRT Cronista Ultimate
Analysis Tools
Simultaneous image analysis 1 image No Limit No Limit
Spots limit No Limit No Limit No Limit
Lines limit 10 No Limit No Limit
Areas limit 10 No Limit No Limit
Hotspot detection limit 10 No Limit No Limit
Connection tool (temperature delta) Y Y Y
Polyline tool - Y Y
Area tool Y Y Y
Ellipse + polygon tool - Y Y
Isotherms on palette Y Y Y
Emissivity / ambient correction for complete image Y Y Y
Emissivity / ambient correction for objects Y Y Y
2D/3D Sequence player - Y Y
Line profile Y Y Y
On-image line profile Y Y Y
Area histogram - Y Y
Trends - Y Y
Dew point calculator and isotherm - Y Y
Averaging - Y Y
Temperature Offset - Y Y
Image Zoom (incl. Navigator Window) 25 - 1000% 25 - 1000% 25 - 1000%
Fusion (infrared / visual image) Y Y Y
Detail enhancement Y Y Y
Palette contrast enhancement - - Y
Automatic Stitching - - Y
Reporting Tools
Report inplace editor Y Y Y
Multi-page report No Limit No Limit No Limit
Report summary table - Y Y
Copy Image with Details Y Y Y
Copy Infrared Image only Y Y Y

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