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FlexPro® Human Body Vibrations Analysis Option

Evaluate the effects of mechanical vibrations on the human body.

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Analyse the effects of vibrations on the human body: For example, whole-body and hand-transmitted vibrations caused by machine, tool and vehicle vibrations, transmitted through the seat or the feet, or through the palms and fingers.

Prepare a complete analysis based on the measured acceleration signals with daily exposure—the times until the exposure action value and the exposure limit value are reached—and then click a button to determine whether immediate action should be taken.

Key Features:

  • Analyse whole-body and hand-transmitted vibrations.
  • Evaluate single and triple axis acceleration signals.
  • Use pre-defined weighting filters and k-factors for health assessment, comfort, buildings, and railway vehicles.
  • Create custom weighting filters and k-factors.
  • Calculate 12 parameters, including aw, peak value, crest factor, MTVV VDV, eVDV, VDVexp, A(8), duration of exposure action value and exposure limit value.

Optional add-on for FlexPro® Professional Edition; included as standard within the Developer Suite Package.

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