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SS10680 Modbus MQTT IoT Gateway

The SS10580 connects all devices with Modbus RTU of a RS-485 serial line to the Ethernet with Modbus TCP protocol.


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SS10680 Modbus MQTT IoT Gateway

The SS10680 gateway is a device that provides a RS485 serial interface for Modbus RTU master protocol and an ethernet interface for Modbus TCP master and SSL/TLS MQTT protocols featuring a low-profile format which makes it suitable for DIN rail mounting inside industrial electrical cabinets.

Electrical connections are available via plug-in screw terminals. The full galvanic isolation ensures a good protection against interference present in industrial environments.
A dedicated hardware Watch-Dog manages the automatic reset of the device. Signalling LEDs allow an immediate diagnosis of device operation. The device power supply requires a voltage between 10 Vdc and 30Vdc. The device is protected against power supply polarity inversion.

Product Features

  • Interface Ethernet 10/100 Base-T MQTT, Modbus TCP
  • RJ45 Connector
  • Configuration via integrated web server
  • Serial interface RS-485
  • Modbus RTU/TCP Master
  • Baud rate up to 115.2 Kbps
  • Distance up to 1200 m, up to 32 modules connected in multi-point
  • Connection by removable screw-terminals
  • LED signalling for Link/Act Ethernet, power supply
  • Galvanic isolation on all the ways
  • EMC compliant – CE mark
  • In compliance to EN-50022 DIN rail mounting

For more information, please see the Product specifications sheet, User Guide and Product Literature.  


Typical @ 25°C and in the nominal conditions

In Compliance with:
Ethernet IEEE 802.3 and RS-485
Ethernet Interface:
Ethernet 10/100Base-T
Protocol Modbus TCP
Connections Ethernet: RJ-45
RS-485: removable screw terminals pitch 5.08 mm
Power Supply: removable screw terminals pitch 5.08 mm
RS-485 Interface
Baud Rate configurable up to 115.2 Kbps
Parity configurable as even / odd / space
Stop bit configurable as 1 or 2
Max Distance / Baud Rate Ratio 1.2 Km @ 38400 bps
2 Km @ 19200 bps
3 Km @ 9600 bps
4 Km @ 4800 bps
5 Km @ 2400 bps
7 Km @ 1200 bps
Number of modules in multi-point Up to 32
Switching Time TX/RX (RS-485) 150 µs
Termination Resistance 120 Ω
DC Power Supply  18 to 30 Vdc
Power Supply Current Consumption 200 mA max.
Isolation Ethernet / RS485: 1500 Vac 50, Hz, 1 Min.
Ethernet / Power Supply: 1000 Vac, 50 Hz, 1 Min.
Power Supply / RS-485: 1500 Vac, 50 Hz, 1 Min.
EMC EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-4
Operating Temperature 0 to +70 °C
Storage Temperature -20 to +70 °C
Humidity (non condensing) 0 to 90 %
Maximum Altitude 2000 m
Housing Material Self-extinguishing plastic
IP Code IP20
Mounting EN-50022 DIN rail
EN-50035 DIN rail
Weight ∼ 200 g
SS10680 Gateway IoT Specifications SS10680 Gateway IoT Specifications

SS10680 Gateway IoT User Guide SS10680 Gateway IoT User Guide

SS10680 Gateway IoT Brochure SS10680 Gateway IoT Brochure

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