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4-channel data acquisition module for temperature RTDs (Pt100/200/500/1000) or thermocouples (K, J, L, R, S, T) with CAN interface.

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4-Ch Temperature F1 CAN Module.

The µCAN.4.ti-F1 is the universal measurement module for mobile acquisition of temperature data. Depending on the module type, resistance sensors as well as any kind of thermocouple can be polled at an overall sample rate of 4 kHz.

Sensor signals are evaluated and linearized in a rugged aluminium die-cast casing. Process data is sent to a central processing unit via CANbus.

Freely expandable and can be stacked. Due to the rugged IP65-rated casing, the modules are ideally suitable for temporary as well as mobile applications.

Product Features

  • Temperature thermo type K
  • Temperature Pt100, Pt200 (2- / 4-wire)
  • Temperature Pt500, Pt1000 (2- / 4-wire)
  • Accuracy +/- 0.05 K
  • Resolution 24-bit (0.001 °C)
  • Sampling rate 1.25 ms / 800 Hz
  • Parameterized via set-up software
  • Equipped with cold-junction compensation
  • Casing powder coated
  • 1 bi-colour LED status indicator
  • Fieldbus CAN
  • Protocol Raw CAN


Optional Accessories

Foot / connecting element for F1 modules
F1/F1 connector (CAN + Power) 
length 140mm, with Lemo connector at both ends
F1 terminal resistor 
for CANbus with Lemo connector
F1 connection cable (CAN + Power) 
length 2m, with Lemo / SUB-D connector 9-pin, open end for Power
F1 connection cable (CAN + Power)
length 2m, Lemo connector / open end
Sensor connector, Lemo K series
FGG.0K.306.CLAC50, 6-pin, solder contacts, water-tight
Power+CAN connector, Lemo F series
FGN.0F.305.XLC, 5-pin, solder contacts, water-tight

I/O per Module 4
Power Supply Voltage 9 - 36VDC, reverse polarity protected
Power Consumption 2W (84mA @ 24VDC)
Electrical Isolation Channels/Supply: 500Veff, Fieldbus/Supply: 500Veff
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Transfer Rate 20KBit/sec to 1MBit/sec
Protocol RawCAN / CAN 2.0A and 2.0B
Configuration free software configuration tool
Status Display 1 bi-colour LED
Protection Class IP65
Housing Aluminium, powder-coated 120 x 110 x 48 mm (L x W x D)
EMC Complies with EN 50082
Signal Type / Accuracy
@23°C ambient temp
Pt100 / Pt200 / Pt500 / Pt1000:
-100°C to +850°C, resolution 0.01K / accuracy +/- 0.1K
Thermal signals type K, J, L, R, S, T with internal cold-junction compensation:
-200°C to +1200°C, resolution 0.01K / accuracy +/- 0.2K
Sample Rate (Hz) 2 to 3750
Resolution 2Hz / 24-bit
3kHz / 18-bit
Filter Software filter / moving averaging, adjustable
Configuration Analogue Inputs SYNC driven sending
ADC-Interrupt driven sending
Timer driven sending
µCAN.4.ti-F1 - Pt100 Specifications µCAN.4.ti-F1 - Pt100 Specifications

µCAN.4.ti-F1 - Thermocouple - Specifications µCAN.4.ti-F1 - Thermocouple - Specifications

µCAN.4.ti-F1 PT100 - Thermocouples User Manual µCAN.4.ti-F1 PT100 - Thermocouples User Manual

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