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FOTRIC TD3-LD Industrial Acoustic Camera

  • 96 Microphone Channel
  • 2 to 96 kHz Bandwidth Range
  • 0.3 to 130 M Detection Distance
  • 5 Inch Touch Screen Display

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FOTRIC TD3-LD Industrial Acoustic Camera

FOTRIC TD3-LD Industrial Acoustic Camera is designed to quickly detect Gas Leaks, Partial Discharges, and Mechanical Vibrations in industrial settings. With its lightweight, ergonomic handheld design, and intuitive operation, no training is needed. Featuring 96 built-in MEMS digital microphones, these cameras provide precision ultrasonic information, even in noisy environments. Real-time acoustic image overlays on visible digital images allow precise defect source identification. Enhance gas supply consistency, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and maintain production safety with FOTRIC TD3.

Product Features

  • 96 Microphone Channel – ​Enhances signal clarity and spatial resolution for precise sound source localization.
  • 2 to 96 kHz Bandwidth Range -captures an extended acoustic spectrum, revealing hidden issues for thorough assessment and diagnosis.
  • 0.3 to 130 Meters Detection Distance
  • 5 Inch Touch Screen Display – Intuitive control enhances user interaction and simplifies operations.

Robust Design

The TD3-LD acoustic camera provides a clear visual representation of sound signals, capturing a broad frequency range from 2 to 96 kHz. It features three versatile detection modes, allowing you to isolate a specific sound source or view all sounds that exceed a certain pressure level. Additionally, users can fine-tune their focus by manually filtering sounds based on both amplitude and frequency. This capability is especially useful for zeroing in on signs of gas leaks, mechanical abnormalities, or partial discharges in relatively noisy industrial environment.

Advanced Diagnosis Algorithm — PRPD

Partial discharge (PD) poses a critical threat, eroding insulation and leading to catastrophic failures. TD3-LD Acoustic Camera’s Phase-Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) graphs offer a proactive approach by detecting, locating, and assessing PD activity. By analysing these graphs vital insights into the type, cause, and severity of PD can be provided. Consequently this allows for targeted corrective actions, minimizing downtime, and preventing costly system failures.

FOTRIC TD3-LD Industrial Acoustic Camera Advanced Disgnosis Algoritm — PRPD

Intuitive Data Filtering — Amplitude & Frequency Filter

The frequency and sound pressure level-based signal filtering feature of the TD3 Acoustic camera is a versatile tool for industrial applications like air leak detection and mechanical anomaly identification. Unlike traditional inspections, this camera allows precise isolation of sound signatures associated with various problems. As a result you benefit from pinpoint accuracy in identifying issues that might otherwise go unnoticed until they cause significant damage or operational downtime. This added layer of predictive maintenance empowers organizations to proactively address concerns, saving valuable time and resources. Additionally the amplitude filter further refines inspections by focusing solely on relevant sound sources, eliminating background noise and enhancing efficiency.

FOTRIC TD3-LD Industrial Acoustic Camera - Amplitude & Frequency Filter

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Acoustic Parameters
Microphone Channels 96 MEMS Digital Microphones
Acoustic Image Field of View 45°
Positioning Frequency Range 2kHz to 96kHz
Sound Pressure Sensitivity >0.03 L/min (0.3 MPa, 3m),
>0.05 L/min (0.3 MPa, 10 m)
Measured Sound Pressure Range 6 dB SPL to 120 dB SPL ±1 dB SPL 5 kHz,
-10 dB SPL to 120 dB SPL ±2 dB SPL 20 kHz,
-5 dB SPL to 120 dB SPL ±1 dB SPL 35 kHz,
5 dB SPL to 120 dB SPL ±3 dB SPL 50 kHz,
20 dB SPL to 120 dB SPL ±1 dB SPL 65 kHz,
25 dB SPL to 120 dB SPL ±1 dB SPL 80 kHz
Operating Modes Single, Multi, Hologram
Auto Enhancement Highlight source intensity and location
Threshold Adjustment Filtering background noise
Frequency Range Selection Touch screen selection
Sound Pressure Display Show maximum sound pressure on screen
Sound Sampling Rate 192 kHz
Acoustic Refresh Rate 25FPS
Working Distance 0.3m to 130 m
Detection Mode Leakage Mode + Partial Discharge Mode
(PRPD graph is available in partial discharge mode)
Analysis and Reporting
Analysis Software SonicLab
Image Display
Display size 5", 800*480, LCD capacitive touch screen
Display Brightness 500nits
Capture Functions
Visible Light Camera 5 megapixels
Data Storage
Storage Capacity 32 GB
Image Format JPG
Video Format MP4
Video Duration 7 minutes
Data Connection Supports Wi-Fi connection and via USB port
Software and Firmware Upgrades Free Upgrade
Headphones 3.5mm 3-part headphone jack (monitor audible sound only supported)
Power System
Battery Type 7.4V, 3500mAh lithium battery, field replaceable, rechargeable
Battery Operating Time single battery continuous operating time ≥ 2.5 hours
(actual use time depends on the environment and use at the time)
Charging Method Charging Dock
Charging Time 2.5 hours to 90% of the battery
Reliability and Certification
Safety Standard SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage Circuit) (GB 4943.1-2011/IEC60950-1:2005)
Electromagnetic Compatibility GB/T17626.2/IEC 61000-4-2
Explosion-proof Grade None
Protection Class IP51
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C without battery
Operating Humidity <95%RH
Dimensions 276 x 150 x 59mm (HxWxL)
Weight 1.2 Kg
Housing Material Hard rubber: PC+ABS, Soft rubber: TPE, Aluminum alloy
Warranty 2 years
Language English
Supplied with:
Main unit, charging dock, power adapter, Li-ion battery x 3, portable hard case, wrist strap, user manual, packing list, USB flash drive, TypeC-USB adapter cable
FOTRIC TD3-LD Brochure and Specifications FOTRIC TD3-LD Brochure and Specifications

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