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Triple Output DC Power Supplies

Independent control knobs for voltage and current settings of variable outputs.

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Triple Output DC Power Supplies.

The BK1672 and BK1673 are quad display triple output DC power supplies that provide two variable outputs and one fixed output. The four displays allow the user to continuously monitor the voltage and current values of the two main outputs. The variable outputs can work independently, in series tracking, or parallel mode.

The BK1672 and BK1673 are both designed to operate in a constant voltage or a constant current mode with automatic crossover, thus allowing continuous transition from constant current to constant voltage modes in response to load condition changes.

Product Features

  • Three independent outputs
  • Independent control knobs for voltage and current settings of variable outputs
  • CV (constant voltage) and CC (constant current) operation
  • Separate 3-digit voltage and current displays for variable outputs
  • LED indication for CV and CC modes
  • Overload indication LED for fixed output
  • Series tracking and parallel tracking mode operation
  • Output terminals are banana style (not binding posts), click on Accessories for leads¬†

Model Comparison

Model BK1672 BK1673
Voltage (variable outputs) 0-32 V 0-32 V
Current (variable outputs) 0-3 A 0-6 A
Fixed output 5 V / 3 A 5 V / 3 A


Optional Accessories

150cm Stacking Retractable Sleeve Plug Output Cable Kit

BK1672 & BK1673 Specifications

BK1672 & BK1673 User Manual