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9835 & 9836 Digital Sound Level Meters

Basic model, or with recording function.

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These digital sound level meters SEFRAM 9835 and SEFRAM 9836 are compact and easy to use.
The basic model SEFRAM 9835 benefits from a fast/slow time weighting and a A/C frequency weighting. The Min/Max function enables values to be displayed on a chosen period.
The more advanced model SEFRAM 9836, can record data with stamp time. Additionally real time recording is possible with the software provided.
Its memory (8 GB micro SD card, able to be extended to 32 GB) allows the data logging capacity to 128 000 records with an adjustable sample rate. In addition to the level sound recording, the SEFRAM 9836 enables you to record audio which can be listened to with the software provided.

Product Features

  • Data logging : 128,000 records (SEFRAM 9836)
  • 60dB dynamic range for each level range.
  • Timestamp. (SEFRAM 9836)
  • Time weighting Slow / Fast.
  • Frequency weighting A / C.
  • Max / Min function.
  • USB interface. (SEFRAM 9836)
  • Analogue output (suitable for recorder…)
  • Microphone extension cable (10m) (SEFRAM 9836)

Model Comparison

Time weighting Slow / Fast
Frequency weighting A / C
Min/Max function
Standard IEC 61672-1 Class 2
Analogue output
Sound level recording
Audio recording
USB interface
Microphone extension cable (10m) ✔*
Carrying case

* Option

9835 & 9836 Specifications 9835 & 9836 Specifications

9835 User Manual 9835 User Manual

9836 User Manual 9836 User Manual

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