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SEFRAM 7881-4K Expert TV Meter, HEVC H.265 4k decoding

HEVC H.265 4k decoding

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SEFRAM 7881-4K Expert TV Meter

The SEFRAM 7881-4k Expert TV Meter offers fast and expert spectrum analysis, checksat mode with electronic compass and NIT, Cell ID function, real-time echoes and pre-echoes, MER per carrier, constellation diagram, fast Autoset, GPS, Multistream capability, and LTE function for diagnostic of spurious filtering. These features allow for quick setup of a TV receiving system.

The device is easy to use with dedicated icons, a special “home” function to navigate to the main menu, and a virtual keyboard for data entry. Additionally, it supports file export/import via USB memory stick.

Housed in a robust metal casing with a large and bright LCD, the SEFRAM 7881-4k Expert TV Meter can be used in all lighting conditions, including sunny environments.

Product Features

  • Panoramic LCD touch screen: 10 inches (16:9)
  • Display free to air programs for digital terrestrial, cable and satellite
  • Display High Definition TV programs MPEG4-H264 and HEVC (H265 4k HDR)
  • Display analogue TV programs
  • All measurements for DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2 (J83-A and B), DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X (option), Wi-Fi
  • Ultra fast spectrum analysis and expert spectrum analysis
  • Checksat mode with NIT (satellite recognition)
  • LTE function to help the diagnostic of filter
  • Real time echoes and pre-echoes measurement with zoom
  • Constellation diagram with zoom
  • CAM-CI
  • MER per carrier
  • Three in one display: measurement, TV picture, mini spectrum
  • Graphical display of measurements
  • HDMI interface
  • Multistream capability
  • Shoulder measurement
  • Memorize and export/import data with USB memory stick
  • Battery with 1 hour charging time and 4 hours autonomy
  • Supplied with carrying bag and protection pouch
  • Weight: 2.8kg

Selection Guide For The SEFRAM 788x Series

For more detailed specifications, please see the SEFRAM 7881-4k TV Meter Specifications document in the Downloads Section.

  SEFRAM 7880-4K SEFRAM 7881-4K SEFRAM 7882-4K SEFRAM 7885-4K
Bandwidth 5-MHz to 1005 MHz , 900 MHz to 2400 MHz
Wideband LNB Compatible
H.265 TV 4k decoding
MEPG-2, MPEG-4 HEVC decoding H,264
DVB-S2X Option Option Option Option
DVB-C/C2 : J83A, J83B
Fast spectrum analysis
Impulse response: echoes and pre-echoes in DVB-T and DVB-T2
Constellation diagram for all standards
DCSS and SatCR (EN50607
External software compatibility (TR7837)
Expert spectrum analysis
Display free HD 2k programs for terrestrial, cable and satellite
Analogue program decoding and display
Video I/O
HDMI output
WiFi 2,4GHz and 5GHz
Ethernet interface
MER per carrier -
CAM common interface -
Web server -
ASI I/O - -
IPTV decoding and analysis - -
Shoulder measurement - -
SFN delay for DVB-T - - -
T2MI via IP - - -
Network Delay analysis - - -
MPEG TS analysis (ETR 101-290, bit rate) - - -
Optical input - - -
DAB, DAB+, FM RDS - - -
GPS - - -
PVR Recording - - -
SEFRAM 7881-4k TV Meter Specifications SEFRAM 7881-4k TV Meter Specifications

SEFRAM 7881-4k TV Meter User Manual SEFRAM 7881-4k TV Meter User Manual

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