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Dual-Display Handheld Capacitance Meters

11,000-count handheld capacitance meters that measure up to 200 mF

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Dual-Display Handheld Capacitance Meters

The BK830C and BK890C are 11,000-count handheld capacitance meters that measure capacitance up to 200 mF (50 mF for BK890C). Easy to use, these meters make measurements quickly and simplify the capacitance sorting process. Unlike other handheld instruments, such as LCR meters that make measurements using an AC signal with a specific test frequency, these units measure capacitance by applying a constant current that briefly charges, then discharges the connected capacitor. These meters include many handy functions. The compare mode which supports 25 sets of High/Low limits, provides a convenient means to sort capacitors, without needing to set up the meter each time. Data logging, Hold/Min/Max Average recording, tolerance, and relative mode features offer additional component troubleshooting tools.

Product Features

  • 0.5% basic accuracy
  • Measure capacitance up to 200 mF (50 mF for BK890C)
  • Bright LCD backlight
  • Fast auto range design for rapid, easy component measurements
  • USB (Virtual COM) interface
  • SCPI compliant commands for remote communication
  • Software for data logging and front panel emulation available as free download


  • Capacitive component troubleshooting
  • Electronic assembly
  • Component sorting
  • Quality control
BK830C & BK890C Specifications BK830C & BK890C Specifications

BK830C & BK890C User Manual BK830C & BK890C User Manual

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