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TH7102 Series

Discontinued – please click here to view replacement.

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Discontinued – please click here to view replacement.
TH7102 Series Thermal Camera

Product Features

  • Temperature measuring range
    TH7102MX: -20 to 250 (STD), 100 to 2000 (option)
    TH7102WX: -40 to 500 (STD), 200 to 2000 (option)
  • Spatial filter
    Smoothing outline of image for better image quality, ideal when using zoom facility
  • Uncooled Focal Plane Array
    320 ~ 240 microbolometer UFPA detector.
  • Voice recording
    Simultaneous recording of thermal image and Voice data
  • Long wavelength operation, less affected by sunlight. 8 to 14µm band wavelength is less susceptible to
    solar radiation thus preventing measurement errors
  • Dust/splash-proof construction (IP54)
  • Accurate measurement
    Temperature resolution: 0.08
    Measurement accuracy: %RFS
    Frame time: 1/7.5, 1/30, 1/60 sec.
  • 10-point temperature display and emissivity correction
  • Ease of use – full automatic functions
    Full auto (level, sense and focus) or individual autofocus, auto level and auto sense.
  • Alarm function
    Alarms at upper or lower limit
  • Auto Gain Control
    Automatically adjusts level or level & sense by tracing temperature of object to be measured
  • Easy-to-carry compact and light weight body
    Body weight 1.6kg, built-in compact battery 90g
  • T display
    Displays temperature difference between reference point and target point
  • Real-time memory (option)
    Automatically store images with selectable time interval (1/15 sec. to 60 min.) up to 832 images.
  • Peak hold
    Displays the Max/Min temperature during the recording cycle.
  • RS232C and GP-IB interface are provided as standard
  • Box setting
    Displays Max/Min temperature in 5 areas
  • IEEE1394 interface (option)
    Possible to transfer images to PC in real time.
Model TH7102WL TH7102MV/WV TH7102MX/WX
Measuring Temperature Range -40°C to 500°C
Optional Range: 200°C to 2000°C

-20°C to 250°C
Optional Range: 100°C to 2000°C

-40°C to 500°C
Optional Range: 200°C to 2000°C
 Resolution Normal Mode: 0.08°C at 30°C 
Fast Mode: 0.16°C at 30°C
0.08°C at 30°C 0.08°C at 30°C
Accuracy ±2%  ±2% ±2%
Spectral Range 8 to 14µm 8 to 14µm  8 to 14µm
Field of View 29° (H) x 22° (V) 29° (H) x 22° (V) 29° (H) x 22° (V)
Focusing Range 30cm to infinity 50cm to infinity 50cm to infinity
Image Pixels 320 (H) x 240 (V) 320 (H) x 240 (V) 320 (H) x 240 (V)
TH7102 Series Specifications TH7102 Series Specifications

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