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R300SR Series

Discontinued – please click here to view replacement.
We have a R300SR thermal camera available for hire.

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Discontinued – please click here to view replacement.
We have a R300SR thermal camera available for hire.
R300SR Series thermal camera from AVIO.

Introducing AVIO’s R300SR Series thermal camera, featuring high resolution, high sensitivity, and high quality thermal images for thermographers.

Using the R300SR’s on-board super resolution processing, improves thermal image quality using 4 x pixel count enhancement, with the super resolution images replayable on the camera view screen, without the need for a PC.

Product Features

  • Temperature ranges up to 2000°C available dependent on model
  • 0.025°C thermal sensitivity (R300SR-S)
  • Super Resolution mode (SR) gives 640 x 480 pixels
  • Additional Image clarity is provided by included PC software
  • Real-time capture of Thermal and Visual images to a PC
  • Standard accessories include: AC adapter, Battery charger, 1 Rechargeable li-ion battery, SD Card, USB cable, Hand strap, grip belt, Software, Operation Manual and carry case
Measuring Range -40 to 500°C (R300SR/R300SR-D)
-40 to 2000°C (R300SR-H/R300SR-HD)
-40 to 120°C (R300SR-S/R300SR-SD)
Sensitivity (NETD) 0.03°C at 30°C (with S/N improvement) all models except (R300SR-S/R300SR-SD, 0.025°C at 30°C with S/N improvement)
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% *2
Frame Rate 60Hz (R300SR / R300SR-H / R300SR-S)
8.5Hz (R300SR-D / R300SR-HD / R300SR-SD)
Detector Pixels 320(H) x 240(V) pixels
Recording Pixels Standard: 320 x 240, SR mode: 640 x 480 pixels *3
Field of View (FOV) 22°(H) x 17°(V) with standard lens
Spatial Resolution Standard: 1.2mrad, SR mode: Equivalent to 0.8mrad *1 with standard lens
Focal Distance 10cm to infinity with standard lens *4
Auto Functions Auto-scale, Auto-focus, Full-auto
Colour Pallet Olive, Rainbow, Iris, Brightness, Hot Iron, Hot White, Hot Black
Gradation 256/32/16/8 tones
Visual Camera 1.3MP CMOS Camera
Fusion, Picture-in-Picture, Alpha Blending, Split-Screen
Display Functions 1 to 4 times continuous zoom
Grid overlay
Display 9 images (replay mode)
Image Quality Improvement Edge Enhancement
Measuring Functions Point Temperature: 10 Movable Points
Temperature Search: MAX/MIN
Delta Temperature: Provided
Temperature Display in Assigned Region: MAX, MIN and AVG in Box (for up to 5 boxes)
Line Profile: Horizontal, Vertical or Horizontal and Vertical
Alarm Function: Alarm Sound, Alarm Display, Colour Alarm (ISO), Ext. Alarm Output, Alarm Recording
Temperature Correction Function: Emissivity, Environment/Background, Distance, NUC
Emissivity: Multi-point Correction, Emissivity Reverse Calculation, Emissivity table
Storage Device SD Card, SDHC Compatible
Data Storage Still Image: JPEG with temperature data (14bit), Visual image recorded simultaneously
Movie: SVX file (exclusive)
Super Resolution: Provided
Panoramic Image: Equivalent to 70°(H) x 52°(V)
External Trigger: Provided
Interval Recording: 3s to 60min, visual image simultaneously recorded
Movie Recording: Max. 10fps to SD (R300SR / R300SR-H / R300SR-S), Max. 8.5fps to SD (R300SR-D / R300SR-HD / R300SR-SD)
Voice Annotation: 30sec Recording / Replay per image
Text Annotation: up to 128 characters per image
Interfaces USB2.0 for storage / image transfer (Mass storage only for R300SR-S / R300SR-SD)
Video Output: NTSC or PAL
Alarm Output: Contact closure (no voltage)
External Trigger Input: Pulse input
Display 3.5" LCD Monitor, with Tilt and Brightness adjustment available
Colour viewfinder, with tilt mechanism
Auxiliary Laser Pointer: Provided (Class 2 red)
LED Light: Provided
Wired Remote Control Unit: Provided
Environment Operating temperature/humidity: -15°C to 50°C, 90% RH
Vibration/shock: 29.4m/sec²(3G), 294m/sec²(30G)
Dust/splash Proof: IP54
Battery Operation 2 hours (typical), Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Dimensions Approx. 121mm(H) x 105mm(W) x 193mm(D) Exc. projections
Weight Approx. 1.3Kg (Inc. batteries)

*1 Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C

R300SR Series Specifications R300SR Series Specifications

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