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Unifizer NS3000 Software

Unifizer NS3000 Online and Offline Control and Data Viewer Software for the RA1000 series, RA2300 and RA2800.

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Connects your RA11/12/1300, RA2300 or RA2800 A&D (AVIO) recorder to your PC via LAN.

NS3000 Control and configure your recorder via LAN

Product Features

  • data recording direct to PC
  • data transfer or control / configuration of your recorder
  • view data offline

Real time recording (max 1mS) or data transfer from recorder to PC over LAN

Calculations: Power, Square root, Absolute value, Common logarithm, Exponent, RMS, Trigonometric function & Moving average.

Required OS Windows 2000 / XP
Recommend CPU 2GHz or better
Compatible Models A&D RA2300 and RA2800
Interface LAN
Control up to 8 units
Remote Control of RA2300 Pen recorder mode
HD recorder mode
Memory recorder mode
Multi recorder mode
X-Y recorder mode
Real-time Data Transfer 1mS to 1000mS (1mS steps), 1 sec or over
Maximum storage of data file up to half HDD capacity
Real-time Data Display Y-T or X-Y waveform (division or overlap displays)
Display of Replayed Data Y-T waveform, X-Y waveform(division or overlap displays), Digital
Data recorded on mainframes of RA1000 and RA2300
Extensions that can be replayed: .FSD, .FPP, DRT
Cursor Information Readings of value, time/amplitude differences of cursor 1 & 2.
Max and min values between cursors
Arithmetic Functions Calculations between channels, power, square root, absolute value, common logarithm, exponent, RMS, trigonometric
function, moving average.
File Conversion Conversion to CSV
Unifizer NS3000 Specifications Unifizer NS3000 Specifications

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