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AD7832 Series Rotation Torque Sensor (RTS)

A range of torque sensors that can measure and display high-speed detailed phenomena

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The AD7832 series is a range of torque sensors with distributed force detection, created with A&D’s DSP technology and high-speed telemetry technology.

The series can measure and display high-speed detailed phenomena faster and at a higher resolution than conventional sensors. The Rotation Torque Sensor is designed for in shaft torque measurement e.g. as used for test beds for powertrain development.

Product Features

  • Torque sensor featuring 1/3000 high resolution and robust construction
  • Robust against vibration: Sensor can be installed to Engine output shaft without intermediate bearing.
  • Real torque measurement using component force measurement
  • Dual range with high accuracy (without degrading the total accuracy)
  • Nominal torque: 200Nm – 5kNm
  • Combined error: 0.03%
  • Dual range: Combined error of 1/3000 is guaranteed at 1/5 of full scale
  • Maximum rpm: 12,000 rpm (200 Nm) – 10,000 rpm (5 kNm)

AD7832 Options Guide

Please contact us with your specification requirements.

Torque Sensor Specifications
Model  AD7832
S200 S200D1 S500 S500D1 S1K S1KD1 S2K S2KD1 S5K S5KD1
Performance Specifications
Rated Capacity (RC) 200 Nm 500 Nm 1K Nm 2K Nm 5K Nm
Full Scale (FS) *1 200 Nm 200/40 Nm 500 Nm 500/100 Nm 1K 1K/200 Nm 2K Nm 2K/400 Nm 5K Nm 5K/1K Nm
Total Error Range *2 0.03 %FS
Non-Linearity *3 (0.02) %RC
Hysterisis *3 (0.02) %RC
Repeatability *4 0.01 %RC
Resolution *5 0.02 %RC
Temperature Specifications
Temperature Effect at Zero point 0.003 %RC/°C
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity 0.003 %Load/°C
Temperature Range for Compensation -10∼+60 °C
Temperature Range for Operation -20∼+80 °C
Temperature Range for Preservation -20∼+85 °C
Rotation Specifications
Maximum rpm 12000 r/min       10000 r/min
Continuous rpm 12000 r/min       10000 r/min
Rotation Variation at Zero Point *6 0.05 %RC
Machine Characteristics
Moment of Inertia (Kg•m²) 4.0x10-3 5.0x10-3 6.0x10-3 9.0x10-3 14.0x10-3
Tortional Stiffness (kNm/rad)  1.2x103 1.1x103   1.7x103 2.2x103 3.6x103
Tortional Resonance Frequency (kHz) 7.9 7.9 8.3 7.8 8.0
Tortion Angle (rad) *7 0.2x10-3 0.4x10-3 0.6x10-3 0.9x10-3 1.4x10-3
Allowable Overload 200 %RC 150 %RC
Maximum Overload 500 %RC 300 %RC
Maximum Thrust Load 5 kN 10 kN 20 kN 30 kN 50 kN
Maximum Radial Load 5 kN 10 kN 20 kN 30 kN 50 kN
Maximum Bending Moment (kNm) 0.2 0.5 1 2 5
Weight of Rotor (Kg) 2.4 2.8 2.8 3.6 4.8

*1 : Hi/Lo
*2 : Measured with static torque testing including non-linearity and hysteresis.
*3 : Reference number
*4 : Measured with static torque testing.
*5 : BW=100HZ
*6 : Value after revolution zero calibration
*7 : Torsion angle on rated torque value.

Sensor Signal Processor Specifications
Model AD7893-S
Exterior Dimensions 97 (W) x 97 (H) x 208.2 (D) mm
Weight 1.2Kg
Power Supply Input: 90 - 240V 50 - 60Hz
Output: DC12V 3A
Supply from AC adaptor
Power Consumption 20W (AC adaptor included)
Operation Temperature Range 10 - 40°C
Rotary Pulse Input Line driver differential input (RS422/485 conformity) 3ch (A phase, B phase, Z phase)
CAN Hi-speed CAN (differential signal I/F) CAN 2.0B 1ch
Analogue Output Single end output 3ch (torque, revolution velocity and revolution angle)
Digital Input Current drive input by photocoupler insulation (sink type) 2ch (range switch, zero point adjustment)
Digital Output Open collector output by photocoupler insulation, 3ch (range switch, status and watchdog output)
Serial Communication RS485 1 port
AD7832 Rotation Torque Sensor Specifications AD7832 Rotation Torque Sensor Specifications

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