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Discontinued – Please click here for replacement.
TEAC GX-1 Integrated Recorder.

The GX-1 Integrated Recorder is a compact, A4-size, data recording system with signal change from Question to Statement. Now you can accelerate the recording and transfer of valuable information from data-acquisition sites to data processing and analysis groups. With the goal of decreasing various data-recording overheads, the GX-1 provides an integrated solution in a single system: integrating such functions as connecting sensors, recording data, viewing recorded data on site, and transferring data to high-level processing and analysis systems. To let you use the GX-1 from the day it is installed, we supply the GX Navi software, which provides unified control of sensing, calibration, data recording, monitoring, and transfer of data to PC.

You can select from a wide range of input/output cards that can be inserted into the main unit. For example: input amp cards that enable direct input with DC, acceleration sensors, strain gages, measuring microphones, thermocouples, etc. with 16-bit A/D converters built into each channel; analogue output amp cards with built-in 16-bit D/A converters; digital input/output. Each input/output card has 2 channels, with 8 slots in the main unit giving 16 channels. If you need more channels, by using an expansion unit that has the same size as the main unit, you can build a recording system that has a maximum of 64 channels.

You can record directly to a PC connected via the main-unit’s SCSI interface, with the main unit acting as the front end for measuring. In addition to recording to memory, you can record onto 3 types of removable media that can be accessed directly from a PC drive: MO (magneto-optical) disks, AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) cassettes, and PC cards. You can choose the recording medium that best suits your needs: for example, recording low-speed phenomena over a long period, or recording high-speed phenomena that occur intermittently.

Please review the specifications sheet.

GX-1 Specifications GX-1 Specifications

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