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CC-20 In-Line Charge Converter

In-line charge converter for piezoelectric accelerometers

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TEAC CC-20 In-Line Charge Converter.

In-line charge converter for piezoelectric accelerometers. By connecting it to an accelerometer, it can be used like an IEPE type.

Input Connector Miniature Connector
Output Connector BNC
Gain 1.0 (mV/pC) ± 2.5%
Output Impedance < 100 ohm
Frequency Response 1.6 Hz to 50 kHz (± 3 dB)
 Maximum Output > 5 Vp-p
Maximum Charge Input > 5000 pCp-p
Noise Level 100µVrms
(50 Hz to 100 kHz)
Phase 180 deg reverse
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 80°C
IEPE Power DC 12 to 25V
0.5 to 5mA
Material Stainless (SUS303)
Dimension  Approx. 12∅ x 38L 
Weight Approx. 20g
  • Because of the characteristics of the circuit of this product, the phase of the input signal is inverted and output.
  • To obtain the maximum output voltage, the following formula must be satisfied.
    I > Vmax × πf × (Cc × 1000 × 10-12) + 0.12 × 10-3
    I : Constant current value
    Vmax : Maximum output voltage (Vp-p)
    f : frequency (Hz)
    Cc : Output cable capacity (F)
CC-20 Specifications CC-20 Specifications

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